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lovely lyrics: a flower is a lovesome thing


A flower is a lovesome thing
A luscious living lovesome thing
A daffodil, a rose, no matter where it grows
Is such a lovely lovesome thing

A flower is the heart of spring
That makes the rolling hillsides sing
The gentle winds that blow
Blow gently for they know
A flower is a lovesome thing

Playing in the breeze
Swaying with the trees
In the silent night
Or in the morning light
Such a miracle

Azaleas drinking pale moonbeams
Gardenias floating through daydreams
Wherever they may grow
No matter where you go
A flower is a lovesome thing

– lyrics by Billy Strayhorn, 1941

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Renée Yoxon is a twenty-something jazz vocalist, composer, and lyricist from Canada's capital. Her second album, Here We Go Again, will be available December 2012.

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  1. Karen Oxorn

    Thanks Renée. I am doing an Ellington (and Strayhorn) show and will try this tune out.

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