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Album Fundraising Campaign launch

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It’s finally happening! Aaaah! I’m so excited. I’m very proud to announce that as of July 1, I am running a campaign on to raise $10,000 towards the production of my second album, a CD of original work co-written with Mark Ferguson. Simply go to There you will be able to choose from a list of incentives. Give as little as $10 and receive a digital download of the album before it’s released or give as much as $2500 and Mark and I will come to your house and play a private concert for you. All of this and more are explained in my campaign video and on the campaign site. Click here to visit and watch the video below. Thanks so much for your support! This project can’t happen without you!!

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Renée Yoxon is a twenty-something jazz vocalist, composer, and lyricist from Canada's capital. Her second album, Here We Go Again, will be available December 2012.

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