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Renée Yoxon is a twenty-something jazz vocalist, composer, and lyricist from Canada's capital. Her second album, Here We Go Again, will be available December 2012.

watch jazz (very) casual on periscope


I’ve been posting a lot about Periscope lately and that’s because it’s basically the app of my dreams. It allows me to bring my live shows to anyone anywhere! I recently rolled over 100 broadcasts so I’ve decided to finally get serious about Periscope and bring you the regular content you deserve!

So! With that said: I have decided to do a biweekly show on Periscope called jazz (very) casual. Every Monday and Thursday at 2pm EST I will be inviting you into my space and sharing songs, stories, poems, and whatever else I have to share. Watch the video below to learn more.

You can watch the show at http://periscope.tv/reneeyoxon or by downloading the app and adding me (@reneeyoxon).

performing #Originals on Periscope


If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for new technology and mew forms of media (live broadcasts! vlogging! streaming! hooray!) so it should come as no surprise that I have embraced Periscope whole-heartedly.

If you don’t already follow me on Periscope, today is a good day to start because today, Periscope is launching their new broadcast search function which will allow users to find the content they’re interested in more easily. In celebration of the launch I will be playing a special broadcast of my only my original music from 2:30pm to 3:30pm EST today!

All you have to do to watch is download the app and follow me (@reneeyoxon) to see my broadcasts. There you will be able to comment, talk to other watchers, or leave appreciations in the form of cute little hearts. If you can’t or don’t want to download the app you can always watch on twitter or in-browser at this link. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Days of Wine and Roses // Dexter Gordon Transcription

Finally the fruits of my jazz school labour, available for all to see! But seriously this transcription took forever to learn so I’m preserving it forever in video form. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to follow along with the transcription, click here or the image below to download a pdf of the entire thing. Yay!

Days of Wine and Roses lift-1

manhattan in the rain

So here’s a thing I want to get better at: filming myself playing and singing. I have been down with a pain flare the last few weeks but I managed to get it together long enough to shoot one take of this gorgeous tune. I’m pretty happy with the results and I think it’s only going to get better from here.

Let me know if you have any requests for future videos!


[Recently posted this vlog about discipline in art practice. Transcription is below. Sorry my run-on-sentence ass doesn’t know where to stick a period.]

The concept of discipline, it came up a lot today. Nate Wooley came to McGill and gave a masterclass and I had a couple conversations with some students and I think James Victore made a video about art practice and discipline, like, in the last week or so, and so it’s been on my mind a lot and I wanted to make a video about it. I have a funny relationship with discipline because I don’t really believe in it in the way that a lot of people think of discipline.

The conversation I had today with this young trumpet player, um, she was under the impression that practice shouldn’t be fun. Discipline is work. And a long time ago I decided that I wasn’t going to not have fun in my life anymore. A lot of people know that I did a physics degree when I… I finished when I was 21 and that was a really, really hard time in my life, and I was really disciplined in the way that a lot of people think of it. I was really rigorously working; readings, assignments, like, no fun, just work all the time. By the end of it, I didn’t want to pick up a book, I didn’t want to think about work, it was just not on my radar whatsoever. And so even though I became a musician shortly after that I didn’t spend a lot of time practicing because I decided that if it wasn’t fun I wasn’t going to do it. And I don’t think a lot of musicians share this attitude, although it’s funny to be because why else would anybody become a musician if not to have fun? I mean it doesn’t have a great health plan and there’s not a bunch of financial security. The only reason I’m a musician is because it’s so fun. It’s a wonderful, expressive, joyful way to spend my life, not because I love hard work.

So anyway, Nate Wooley came and he talked about a concept that really spoke to me. He talked about honesty in your playing and in your practice and asking yourself the question all the time, “Is what I’m doing the most honest and does it reflect who I am right now in my life and who I want to be?” and I don’t think that the music I want to make is going to require painful discipline.

For me, having a discipline is something I do as a way to care for myself. I feel best when I wake up every day, and I write in my journal, and I write a poem, and I do a little bit of yoga, and I eat a good breakfast, and then I do my practice, my art practice for an hour. That gives me the best feeling in my life. I don’t do it because I’m afraid of playing badly, I do it because I love watching myself get progressively better as time goes on and it’s joyful to practice now, because I’m approaching it from a place of joy and not a place of fear, and not a place of worrying about, you know, being good enough. I practice because I love playing music and I love practicing. It’s fun to play the piano, it’s fun to sing, it’s fun to check a little box every single day and watch as the boxes start to stack up.

So that’s my take on discipline. I hope that’s illuminating for some people out there. I think that everybody has a really different relationship with it just based on the conversations I’ve had, the masterclasses I’ve been to, and all the videos I’ve been looking at about it. So, yeah, let me know what you think in the comments below and thanks for watching.

Vlogging my feelings

Hello faithful blog readers! I have returned to tell you about my latest communication obsession: vlogging! I miss a lot of what I had when I was blogging regularly (having a readership, musing in a casual way about whatever I felt like musing about, keeping friands updated about my life) but I still don’t feel like I can commit to a blog schedule in a way that would satisfy me. So I’ve decided to give vlogging a whirl.

I’m not making any rules for myself, no schedule, no format, just whatever I feel like. Sometimes these will be a talking head where I pontificate on life, the universe, and everything (like the first vlog below) or they may be accounts of my daily life jump-cut together in a jumbled way (like the second vlog below), or who knows what else!

If you enjoy them please like, share, and leave a comment!

Three mini-shows in Montreal next week

Surprise! You’ve probably noticed I’ve gone completely dark around here and that’s because I’ve had my head in the books in a big way. But guess what! I’m coming up for air and doing three small shows in Montreal next week! Here are the details:

Monday, February 1st, 8pm
McGill Jazz Combo Tribute to Abbey Lincoln
Clara Lichtenstein Hall, 555 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC

Tuesday, February 2nd, 5:30pm
McGill Jazz Combo Tribute to Abbey Lincoln
Upstairs Jazz Bar, 1254 rue Mackay, Montreal, QC

Wednesday, February 3rd, doors: 7:30pm,  show: 8pm
Renée Yoxon & Chad Linsley at Voix de Ville
The Wiggle Room, 3874 boul. St. Laurent, Montreal, QC
$10 / $8 for students

The shows on Monday and Tuesday are hour-long tributes to the music of Abbey Lincoln with my McGill Combo (Matt Schultz on guitar, Ethan Cohn on bass, Edmund Catlin on drums). On Wednesday Chad Linsley and I are participating in the Voix-de-Ville Variety Show at The Wiggle Room along with six other amazing acts!

If you’re in Montreal next week it would be fabulous to see you at one of these shows. And if you can’t make it, don’t worry, I’ll be back for real at the end of the semester!

goodbye (for now) kaitlyn


Last Thursday I had the great (albeit sad) honour of playing at Kaitlyn Raitz‘s goodbye concert at Le Cagibi in Montreal. I met Kaitlyn late last winter when she came to me for voice lessons. She was already an incredible cellist and songwriter but she wanted to become a triple-threat! We have since become good friends. This might sound weird but Kaitlyn was one of the first musicians I’ve met who embraces (dare I say loves?) social media the same way I do. When I told her about Periscope, she was excited and immediately started using it to connect with her fans. How cool is that??

I’m really sad to see her go but since we’re both all over the internet I know it won’t be hard to keep up with everything going on in each other’s lives.

The video below is of my song Drinking Coffee, which I’m sure you’re all intimately familiar with. Kaitlyn makes this version special and one I’ll cherish always.

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