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Vlog: The Boifriend Tag

And now it’s time for something completely different. I don’t usually make personal videos like this one but recently a very special person named Haley visited me and we had a wonderful time in Montreal.…

By Renée

June 19, 2017


[youtube=””&w=750] [Recently posted this vlog about discipline in art practice. Transcription is below. Sorry my run-on-sentence ass doesn’t know where to stick a period.] The concept of discipline, it came up a lot today. Nate…

By Renée

March 12, 2016

Vlogging my feelings

Hello faithful blog readers! I have returned to tell you about my latest communication obsession: vlogging! I miss a lot of what I had when I was blogging regularly (having a readership, musing in a…

By Renée

February 27, 2016

goodbye (for now) kaitlyn

Last Thursday I had the great (albeit sad) honour of playing at Kaitlyn Raitz‘s goodbye concert at Le Cagibi in Montreal. I met Kaitlyn late last winter when she came to me for voice lessons.…

By Renée

December 21, 2015

reminder to unwind

Yesterday was kind of a stressful day. I had to find and photocopy every performance and student contract I’ve collected over the last five years to prove my self-employment on my student loan application. They…

By Renée

August 19, 2014

impostor syndrome and the artist

Eight years ago I was studying to become a physicist. Back then I was a lowly freshman, and I knew very little about physics. I was surrounded my older, wiser students, brilliant faculty, and my…

By Renée

January 8, 2014