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Vlog: The Boifriend Tag

And now it’s time for something completely different. I don’t usually make personal videos like this one but recently a very special person named Haley visited me and we had a wonderful time in Montreal.…

By Renée

June 19, 2017


[Recently posted this vlog about discipline in art practice. Transcription is below. Sorry my run-on-sentence ass doesn’t know where to stick a period.] The concept of discipline, it came up a lot today. Nate Wooley…

By Renée

March 12, 2016

Vlogging my feelings

Hello faithful blog readers! I have returned to tell you about my latest communication obsession: vlogging! I miss a lot of what I had when I was blogging regularly (having a readership, musing in a…

By Renée

February 27, 2016

goodbye (for now) kaitlyn

Last Thursday I had the great (albeit sad) honour of playing at Kaitlyn Raitz‘s goodbye concert at Le Cagibi in Montreal. I met Kaitlyn late last winter when she came to me for voice lessons.…

By Renée

December 21, 2015

reminder to unwind

Yesterday was kind of a stressful day. I had to find and photocopy every performance and student contract I’ve collected over the last five years to prove my self-employment on my student loan application. They…

By Renée

August 19, 2014

impostor syndrome and the artist

Eight years ago I was studying to become a physicist. Back then I was a lowly freshman, and I knew very little about physics. I was surrounded my older, wiser students, brilliant faculty, and my…

By Renée

January 8, 2014

i'm off to st. john's, newfoundland

Surprise! Life is never dull around here is it? Just when you thought I was going to Montreal I hop on a plane to Newfoundland. My best friend is getting married this weekend and I…

By Renée

August 30, 2013

montreal move update

The move is closing in on us so fast! I can’t believe September 1st is this Sunday. With all the packing and organizing and purging I haven’t had a moment to think about blogging. I…

By Renée

August 27, 2013

garage sale tomorrow morning!

Craig and I are moving to Montreal so it’s time for a garage sale! Come on by on tomorrow, August 17th, between 9am and 2pm to get your hands on some sweet deals! There will…

By Renée

August 16, 2013

greetings from kelowna / penticton

Greetings from beautiful British Columbia! I would have told you about my trip sooner but I haven’t even had a moment to think about this trip until now, two days into it. Craig and I…

By Renée

July 29, 2013

we're moving to montreal!

Yes, the time has finally come for Craig and I to try and make it in another city. We’re sad to leave Ottawa, especially our friends and family and the community that has supported us…

By Renée

July 18, 2013