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Here We Go Again news roundup

This is going to be a rather self-indulgent post in which I appreciate all the lovely people and publications who have said nice things about Here We Go Again around the internets. In the months since we started the campaign to raise money for the album (which was 6 months ago if you can believe it!) many wonderful people have shown their support by publishing stories about Mark and I. Here is the Here We Go Again new round up!

Indiegogo Campaign

Way back in August, Tony Martins of Guerilla Magazine was the first to write about us with his article Renée Yoxon campaigns in the name of jazz (Aug 20). My favourite quote from the article is:

Renée Yoxon is determined to make jazz happen… The talented young singer and budding composer has a passion for the genre that’s been apparent since she first started performing in Ottawa a few years ago. She has also embraced the DIY philosophy that has fundamentally shifted the music industry in recent years. With an all-original album in the works and a successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign near completion, Yoxon is indeed making stuff happen.

Next we have Brett Delmage and Alayne McGregor of They were at our fundraising concert back in August and made an incredible video showcasing some of the music we were about to record. Watch the video over on their article: A musical preview of Renée Yoxon and Mark Ferguson’s new CD (Aug 21).

CD Release

In the last week or so a bunch of great articles have been published in support of the CD release. The first of the bunch of Here go Renee Yoxon and Mark Ferguson again (Dec 3) from Peter Hum at the Ottawa Citizen’s From that article:

She’s a 25-year-old jazz go-getter, more adept at creating opportunities for her music and career than a host of her more experienced peers… He’s the go-to guy for Ottawa’s jazz vocalists, the one they call to craft arrangements and play piano behind them.

A couple of articles were published on the day of the release like Fundraising Day 33: Renée Yoxon (Dec 7) by Ryan Purchase. This was part of a series where he thanked contributors to his Indiegogo campaign (which I think is a great idea). He had been doing it in order of contributions but he bumped mine up to coincide with my release (thanks, Ryan). My favourite quote from his article is:

…Renée’s new album (with Mark Ferguson), “Here We Go Again,” comes out tomorrow, and she’s celebrating with a CD release at the National Arts Centre’s Fourth Stage. Should you go? Yes, you should, if you like great music performed by great musicians. If you like incredible originals and clever-but-not-distractingly-clever arrangements. If you like smokin’ solos and entertaining banter. Oh, you don’t like those things? Check your pulse. I’ll wait. Uh oh. This is awkward. Really, nothing? I’m so sorry for your loss.

Another release day article is Petr Cancura’s Renée Yoxon & Mark Ferguson CD Release Tonight!!! (Dec 7) on his blog, In The Pocket. Petr asked some really great interview questions like “What is the creative process collectively like between [you and Mark]?” Click through to read the answer.

CD reviews

We received our first official CD review even before the CD release concert had started! Peter Hum at published Local jazz heroes I (Renee Yoxon & Mark Ferguson CD reviewed) (Dec 7) early in the day and it was a great way to start that very special day. Here’s my favourite quote from the review:

As a lyricist, Yoxon writes about loved gained and lost, the 25-year-old seeming like a voice of experience despite her youth. As a singer, she interprets her own words with verve and poise. She’s deeply invested in what she sings, even as the stylistic and emotional ground beneath her shifts…

It’s so exciting to see all this positive press! I’ll be sure to share more CD reviews with you as they roll in! Yay!

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Renée is a queer, non-binary, disabled, and chronically ill creator based in Montreal. They are a singer, songwriter, pianist, YouTuber, and Periscoper. They are currently a student of jazz studies at Mcgill University and a freelance vocal coach for young and emerging singers.

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