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highlights: casual friday, spoonie jewellery, and party planning!


Hey look it’s a picture of my face! Thanks to Monica Ferguson for snapping that one. On Friday Mark Ferguson and I participated in the National Arts Centre’s very first Casual Friday. It was a beautiful evening and everyone I talked to was having a great time. I’ll have to attend the next event in the series as an audience member and food eater instead of a performer.

You can’t tell in the photo but I was wearing my brand new silver spoon necklace that I got from The Paper Poppy Store on Etsy. You may remember from this post that the spoon is the symbol of chronic illness, based on The Spoon Theory of chronic illness by Christine Miserandino. Lately I’ve started to appreciate and accept my life with chronic illness so I thought I’d start wearing my spoonie pride around my neck.

I also got NW by Zadie Smith but I haven’t gotten very far yet.


Lastly, I spent time this week getting everything ready for The End of Live Jazz Monday which is happening tonight! Everything is place for a great big goodbye party. We can’t wait to see you there! Click here for details and click here to RSVP on facebook.


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Renée is a queer, non-binary, disabled, and chronically ill creator based in Montreal. They are a singer, songwriter, pianist, YouTuber, and Periscoper. They are currently a student of jazz studies at Mcgill University and a freelance vocal coach for young and emerging singers.

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