Renée Yoxon

it’s time for a blogging hiatus

by Renée

Hello again, my fabulous readers. Thank you so much to everyone who stuck around, commented on, read, and shared my posts over the last year.I have had a wonderful time blogging and it has brought me new friends and new opportunities. That is why it is with a heady heart that I announce that I will be taking an indefinitely long hiatus from blogging.

With all the changes I’ve had in my life, and especially in the wake of Creativity Self-Help Month, I have found that more and more I am craving a private life of routine where I can continue on my personal, creative, and health journeys alone without feeling accountable to anyone but myself.

Of course, I will continue to post news like upcoming performances. Eventually I will be altering my website to reflect the blogging hiatus but I will leave the archives up for future readers.

The reason the hiatus will be “indefinitely long” is that I have plans to return to school this September. That’s only seven months away and once it’s started I definitely won’t have time for blogging. I don’t have any long term plans aside from school but I want the private space to take stock of my life and decide where I should be putting my energy.

Lots of love,


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