january is creativity self-help month


Happy New Year! To kick off 2014 I’ve decided to do things a little differently around here. January is usually a slow month for professional creatives. People don’t go out as much, they spend less money, and it’s easy to get into an artistic slump. That is why January is Creativity Self-Help Month! Here’s my manifesto:

Creativity Self-Help Month is a time for creative people to come together and share resources, tools, and experiences. It’s a time for judgment-free creativity and the development of creative self-worth.

For the entire month of January, I will be posting exclusively about creativity, five to six days a week. I will share books I love, resources and tools, and inspirational posts all designed to help jump start your work. I even have four guest writers! Click the banner below to track the tag and have a wonderful month!



  1. Love this, can’t wait to see more.

  2. Quincy Lucas January 3, 2014

    January is an awesome month and time to kick it into gear with your creative muscles. It’s a New Year! Just listen to that positive voice in your head because the main change begins there in your mind. You can rest for awhile but don’t stop…keep on pushing.

  3. John Graham January 21, 2014

    Enjoying your blog, particularly the book love stuff. Was listening to CBC Spark the other day and thought you might like to check out this interview with Mason Currey, who has a book / blog about Artist’s routines for getting into a creative space. http://www.cbc.ca/spark/blog/2014/01/03/daily-rituals/


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