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Toronto Workshop + Show: March 12

by Renée

Next month I am coming to Toronto for a big day! On March 12 I’ll being doing a vocal jazz masterclass AND a performance at the 120 Diner. Woo! We already have a few amazing singers signed up for the class but for those of you who have never been to a masterclass before I […]

new song new poem new vlog

by Renée
in music, vlog

All the action is on youtube. I’ve decided I just want to make things and share them and not worry about “the brand.” So here are some new things – enjoy!

performing #Originals on Periscope

by Renée

If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for new technology and mew forms of media (live broadcasts! vlogging! streaming! hooray!) so it should come as no surprise that I have embraced Periscope whole-heartedly. If you don’t already follow me on Periscope, today is a good day to start because today, Periscope […]

The Wedding Present // Sara Serpa Transcription

by Renée

Is it weird to transcribe someone who is basically your age? Well I’ve done it anyway because Sara Serpa’s The Wedding present is just too beautiful with a solo that is too whimsical. Click here or the image below to download my written transcription and follow along.

Days of Wine and Roses // Dexter Gordon Transcription

by Renée

Finally the fruits of my jazz school labour, available for all to see! But seriously this transcription took forever to learn so I’m preserving it forever in video form. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to follow along with the transcription, click here or the image below to download a pdf of the entire […]

manhattan in the rain

by Renée
in music

So here’s a thing I want to get better at: filming myself playing and singing. I have been down with a pain flare the last few weeks but I managed to get it together long enough to shoot one take of this gorgeous tune. I’m pretty happy with the results and I think it’s only […]


by Renée

[Recently posted this vlog about discipline in art practice. Transcription is below. Sorry my run-on-sentence ass doesn’t know where to stick a period.] The concept of discipline, it came up a lot today. Nate Wooley came to McGill and gave a masterclass and I had a couple conversations with some students and I think James […]

Vlogging my feelings

by Renée

Hello faithful blog readers! I have returned to tell you about my latest communication obsession: vlogging! I miss a lot of what I had when I was blogging regularly (having a readership, musing in a casual way about whatever I felt like musing about, keeping friands updated about my life) but I still don’t feel […]

Three mini-shows in Montreal next week

by Renée

Surprise! You’ve probably noticed I’ve gone completely dark around here and that’s because I’ve had my head in the books in a big way. But guess what! I’m coming up for air and doing three small shows in Montreal next week! Here are the details: Monday, February 1st, 8pm McGill Jazz Combo Tribute to Abbey Lincoln […]

goodbye (for now) kaitlyn

by Renée

Last Thursday I had the great (albeit sad) honour of playing at Kaitlyn Raitz‘s goodbye concert at Le Cagibi in Montreal. I met Kaitlyn late last winter when she came to me for voice lessons. She was already an incredible cellist and songwriter but she wanted to become a triple-threat! We have since become good […]