Let’s Call it a Day, 2010/10

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Praise from Bandcamp listeners:

tgoland you can get saved in the space here

Milton Vargas Chacón The whole album is amazing, her voice is soft, very melodic. The guitar is so amazing, I never get tired of listening to this album. Very addictive, especially if you’re a jazz lover.

Alan Hall The first track says it all. Totally captivating

Steve Lawson the opening track, and the title track, are pretty much as good as music gets. Yes, THAT good.

In October 2010 Renée Yoxon & René Gely released their first collaborative work. Let’s Call it a Day is a minimal and intimate, jazz-inspired guitar/voice duo featuring the sweet yet strong vocal stylings and compositions of emerging artist Renée Yoxon with the stark and beautiful arrangements of veteran guitarist René Gely.

As Yoxon’s debut album, this work showcases her clear and unembellished lyrical delivery, poignant song choice, and emotionally charged performance. Using a wide variety of guitars, Yoxon & Gely create atmospheric, folk-influenced interpretations of jazz standards.

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Press photos (click for hi-res) Photo credit: Alan Beaudette