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My Week In Pictures: I think I might be crazy

2013_04_15-21You may have noticed that I wasn’t around as much as usual last week. I didn’t really tweet much or post much to facebook or post much on my blog. I was pretty busy last week with practical stuff, like teaching a bunch of students and recording radio station IDs and attending concerts and receptions, but I also didn’t post much because I spent a lot of last week thinking about what exactly it is I want to do with my life.

I think a lot of people think about this. I’m lucky that I have so many options.

Since this blog is mostly about my life and what I’m up to, I found it hard to write posts while trying to figure it out. I find that this happens after every major project or event. It happened after I graduated, it happened after I released my first CD, and so, fittingly, it’s happening now, about a season past the release of my second CD.

Even this post is hard to write because I really want to keep the mood of the blog light and fun and generally about what is going on in my life and what is inspiring my writing and singing. Right now though, being between projects and all, I’m feeling the urge to go into “writer’s hibernation” where I cloister myself and gather information and spend a lot of time being creative again. I don’t expect this to happen at the exclusion of blogging all together, after all I have a fun photo shoot planned to share with you and some new mixtapes and an awesome CD bundle giveaway, but I might have to lay low for awhile and get my head straightened out.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a working artist. You have to strike the balance between making money and being creative all while maintaining motivation in the face of huge adversity and common sense. For example, yesterday I spent about four hours introducing myself and my music to Polaris Music Prize jurors via email. Do I have any allusions of winning the Polaris Music Prize? No, not really. Why did I do it? Because I am a special brand of crazy that makes me a good candidate to be a successful artist. But also, doing it was the first pro-active thing I’ve done in awhile and it made me feel really good to say to myself “I put in a hard day’s work” for once.

I would love to hear from other artists or self-employed people or even people that are just good at self-motivating. What are your secrets? How do you keep your head above water? Tell me please! I need to know!

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Renée is a queer, non-binary, disabled, and chronically ill creator based in Montreal. They are a singer, songwriter, pianist, YouTuber, and Periscoper. They are currently a student of jazz studies at Mcgill University and a freelance vocal coach for young and emerging singers.


  1. Hi Renée, I ran into your post trough Nicky Schrire’s facebook wall…Let me say I had not heard your music before and I´m absolutely loving it…beautiful!
    I´m a singer too…and I live in Perú, wich makes it even more difficult since jazz is not very popular here (yet) so its difficult to find a public. I teach a lot, sing, jingles, private events…lots of different stuff to make a living and I love it, but some times I feel it drains me out and I feel like ïm not doing anything at all even though I´m busy all the time. Last year I was so close to record my first album and the band broke apart…that was really discouraging for me…this year I´m puting everything into a piano+voice album I hope to record before the year ends…and I ´m excited about it but still I wonder ..what comes next? I think we all (artists) have a difficult yet beautiful path to walk, since we work with our emotions adn our soul. Its nice to meet people going through the same kind of process…I feel less alone after reading your post…just keep doing what you love! Kisses from Perú!
    Cleia Luna

    • Renée Yoxon

      Hi Cleia, thank you so much for your response. It means so much to me that there are others out there (especially singers) who feel like me. I definitely feel you on the “difficult yet beautiful path” comment. I feel so so lucky that I get to pursue my dreams every day but I also feel like it takes a huge sacrifice. I’m glad that you’re out there on the same journey as I am 🙂

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