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My Week In Pictures: So much surprise excitement!

My Week In Pictures: March 10 - 16, 2013Talk about a fun week full of surprises. When this week rolled around, I was sure it was going to be nothing but tax preparation and getting all my ducks in a row for Toronto tomorrow, but it ended up being a super crazy and fun week.

Last Monday we had a lovely Live Jazz Monday at Mercury Lounge followed by the return of Monday night jazz residencies at Le Petit Chicago! Hooray! It was a sad day when one of the longest running jazz nights in Ottawa closed down a few months ago, but now it’s back with a vengeance  This month the Sean Duhaime Trio has the stage and next month it will be Zak Frantz’s Curiosity Killed the Quartet. If you’re in Ottawa, check it out!

Tuesday was the usual day off. Craig and I hung around like a couple of lumps in love and then went out to see Life of Pi at the movies. Even in 2-D that movie was great.

On Wednesday we saw the inaugural performance of Blue Organ Trio at Burgers On Main, a new jazz venue in Ottawa that is not on Main at all but closer to Somerset and Bank. Blue Organ Trio features my brother from another mother, François Gravel. It was great to finally be able to sit back and watch him perform.

Thursday and Friday were teaching and tax preparation days, followed by a really fun photoshoot with Chris Vanderwees. Chris is a photographer in Ottawa who specializes in vintage film cameras and street photography. You can check out his amazing tumblr here.

On Saturday I was called for a last minute performance at Ottawa’s City Hall for the Capital Pride conference. Sometimes it’s so much fun to do a short performance and then spend the rest of the evening taking in the other great performances, eating amazing food, and meeting some splendid people. My life is weird and great.

On Sunday I went down to Umi Café to see vocalist Geraldine Eguiluz and bassist Stéphane Diamantakiou’s IMOO performance. I’ve been playing so much bass/voice gigs myself lately that it was nice to see a new take on the combination.

What a week, right? Next week promises to be just as exciting so stay tuned!

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Renée is a queer, non-binary, disabled, and chronically ill creator based in Montreal. They are a singer, songwriter, pianist, YouTuber, and Periscoper. They are currently a student of jazz studies at Mcgill University and a freelance vocal coach for young and emerging singers.

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