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Pictures from Jane Harbury presents Discoveries at Hugh’s Room

Photo by Robert Saxe

Last Tuesday I had the great privilege of playing at Hugh’s Room as part of the Discoveries Series put on by Jane Harbury. This series is in it’s ninth year and shows no sign of slowing down. We had a packed house and everyone played their best.

I kicked off the night with six tunes from my latest release, Here We Go Again. I was joined onstage by three Toronto musicians, Joel Visentin on piano, Phil Albert on bass, and Jeff Halischuk on drums. I met Joel and Phil at Banff last May and although Jeff was recommended to me for this performance, we learned later that we shared the bandstand before back in 2009. Small world, isn’t it?

The other performers that evening included Tom Taylor, The Schotts, and Jessica Chase. Tom Taylor is a folky singer/songwriter and guitar player from Vancouver who flew all the way to Toronto just for the event. I had a really nice time getting to know Tom and learning all about his music, his family, and his adventures on tour. Darrin and Alison Schott are a lovely bluegrass couple who just released their first album after 25 years of music-making. I really enjoyed how light-hearted and warm their set was. Jessica Chase is a 19 year-old pop singer/songwriter with a big sound and a clear love of performing.

We all had a really great time playing at Hugh’s Room. The audience was super warm and the reactions were very positive. I can’t wait to come back to Toronto in March for Canadian Music Week! Hopefully this won’t happen again.

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