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Poem Writing Every Day in April (#PWEDA)

Poem writing every day in April (#PWEDA)

I’m a big fan of Hank and John Green and the vlogbrothers channel on youtube. In one of Hank’s recent video he announced that he will be vlogging every day in April (VEDA) and encouraged his viewers to do the same. I am not a vlogger but I am really into the idea of a personal challenge for the month of April. I’ve decided that I’m going to write a poem a day every day in April. I will be publishing the best poem of the week over on my tumblr so you can follow along there for updates. I will also be microblogging about the challenge on twitter using the hashtag #PWEDA.

I have never really considered myself a poet, however lyric-writing and poetry-writing share a lot of the same work, so I hope this challenge helps to elevate my writing to a new level and help give me perspective on what I need to work on. As an added bonus, in April the Book Love series will be dedicated to some of my favourite books of poems.

What’s your Every Day in April challenge going to be? Want to join me in writing a poem every day? Let me know in the comments below

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Renée is a queer, non-binary, disabled, and chronically ill creator based in Montreal. They are a singer, songwriter, pianist, YouTuber, and Periscoper. They are currently a student of jazz studies at Mcgill University and a freelance vocal coach for young and emerging singers.


  1. I love Robert Frost (the road less travelled) and Walt Whitman (leaves of grass). I used to be a HUGE poetry writer. Had a big binder full. Loved poetry. I remember many a dark, late night when I’d turn out all the lights, light candles, put some beautiful music on loud (I usually found George Winston inspiring), and just sit on the floor with an empty pile of paper and a pen. Sometimes nothing happened, but usually things just poured out of me. My thing was to have no constraints. I just wrote feverishly & read it later — if I could read it, that was. LOL!

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