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Random updates + Impossible official release date announced

Hey Friands! Wow, it’s been so long since we’ve just talked, right? Well here’s the scoop. This summer has been incredibly busy with getting the album released, preparing for the coming school year, among other things. In the last two weeks I spent three days in Toronto, three days in Ottawa, and today I’m off to Vancouver for six days. I haven’t really done any playing while travelling, so all these trips have been like an extended vacation (dotted with much appreciated students).

I was hoping to do some more regular blogging this summer but as September looms on the horizon it’s becoming clearer and clearer that that is not going to happen (not for lack of ideas though! I just don’t want to start and then stop once I start school up again.)

If you’re feeling starved for musical updates then I want to direct your attention to two social media options I’ve been experimenting with recently:

1. Instagram: Ok I’ve been on instagram for years but recently I’ve starting uploading 15 second clips of me singing jazz tunes under the hashtag #15secondstandards. So far I’ve uploaded On a Clear Day, Where or When, Moonray, and more. Submit your requests in the comments below!

2. Periscope: A relative new-comer on the social media scene, periscope allows users to live broadcast from their handheld devices. So far I’ve broadcasted a set at Dépanneur Café, and a private set/Q&A from inside a McGill practice room. The broadcasts only last 24 hours so you have to watch them while they’re hot! This is a very exciting tool because I’m about to go into the studio to record a demo for the Monk Competition and I’ll be periscoping from in the studio. There’s no web link to follow (although you can watch the broadcasts on the web) so just download the Periscope app and search “reneeyoxon”.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – important dates! I’m happy to announce that Impossible: Live at Musideum will be available for pre-sale on iTunes on August 17th and will be officially released on August 31st!! When you pre-buy the album you will receive one track in advance. The rest of the tracks will be automatically downloaded when the album is released. I can’t believe it, only one month to go!!


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Renée is a queer, non-binary, disabled, and chronically ill creator based in Montreal. They are a singer, songwriter, pianist, YouTuber, and Periscoper. They are currently a student of jazz studies at Mcgill University and a freelance vocal coach for young and emerging singers.

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