5 fun facts about Bandcamp + a giveaway ***closed***


It’s no secret that I really love bandcamp.com. I sell my music on CD Baby, iTunes, in stores, at shows, and lots of other places, and I find that Bandcamp offers just the right mix of flexibility and control. Unfortunately, not many people know about Bandcamp or have any experience buying music there. I thought I would take a few minutes to explain some of my favourite Bandcamp feature. At the bottom of this post there’s a cool giveaway too!

1. The merch tab

When you first visit reneeyoxon.bandcamp.com it looks like the image above, taking you to my most recent release, Here We Go Again. Everything you need is on this page but if you want a clearer view of my physical merch you can click on the “merch” tab in the navigation bar and it should look like this:

bcscreen3In my merch tab I am selling physical CDs and books of sheet music. Click on either of these products will take you back to the first page where you can buy them.

2. Digital download included with all physical merch

This is my favourite feature. One of the draws in buying digital music is the immediacy of your purchase. You get to listen to the album right away. With Bandcamp, if you buy a physical CD or a book of sheet music you will receive a digital download of the album with your purchase for immediate listening. You can even choose what format you would like: mp3, flac, ogg, they have it all!


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