Renée Yoxon


Welcome a new house band to the Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam at Pressed

The Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam at Pressed is starting into it’s 9th month of existence, and after 8 months of running it with Craig Pedersen and David Pontello as the house band, it’s time to pass the torch! Starting this Saturday, Karen Rauh and company will be hosting the jam. Karen has been a part […]

My Week In Pictures: the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle

It feels like the weeks are whipping by as we get closer and closer to December 7th and the CD release! This week the t-shirts arrived! Now the posters and postcards and printed and are being distributed and the books of sheet music are ready for printing too. It’s coming together… mouahahaha! But seriously, I […]

My Week In Pictures: concerts, coffee, and carnivorous plants

I better start posting more things on this blog or it’ll turn into nothing but summaries of my week! I tried to take it a little easier this week than other weeks. As other self-employed people can attest, it’s easy to work yourself into ill-health. After a busy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of teaching, performing, […]

My Week In Pictures: Spontaneous jazz

Another week gone by, another whole ton of things to tell you about. Lately I’ve been trying to get back on track with my practice schedule, with my deadlines for grants and other applications, and basically everything now that Here We Go Again is off to the printer and out of my hands. I spent […]

Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam at Pressed: Fall Schedule

This summer Craig Pedersen and I launched a series of Saturday afternoon jazz jam sessions at Pressed. We held eight jam sessions between May and August. It has been such a success that we’ve decided to continue hosting these jam session for another four months! The jazz jam will have the same amazing house band […]

Saturday Afternoon Jazz at Pressed

On Saturday, May 19 at Pressed, Craig Pedersen and I will be hosting an afternoon jazz jam! Hooray! Pressed is a new neighbourhood coffeehouse and lounge devoted to using high quality, local ingredients and serving organic/fair trade coffee. Their mission is to create a comfortable space for folks to enjoy good food, good tunes and […]