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my week in pictures

my week in pictures: slowly saying goodbye to ottawa

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to say goodbye to Ottawa. Between returning more than weekly for teaching, gigs, and family stuff, Ottawa probably won’t even notice that I’m gone. But you know how it is when you don’t live in a place, somehow you never manage to revisit your favourite spots on trips […]

my week in pictures: peacocks, polish, and the pink bicycle

Thanks to a flight from Victoria to Ottawa my week was three hours shorter than usual! Despite the lost time I still managed to cram in a bunch of misadventures The first few days of the week were my last few days of vacation in Victoria. On Monday I visited with some family and had […]

my week in pictures: coffee, sushi, and beaches in victoria

Even though I have a difficult time separating myself from my email, vacation is great. I have spent so much time visiting with friends and eating nice meals and driving around Victoria. Craig and I went out to Central Sannich for an ice cream cone and stopped at a beach along the way. Under a […]

My last three weeks in pictures: a serious spoon shortage

Hello my beauties! My apologies for leaving you for so long without warning. The truth is, I’ve been sick. You may remember when I attended the chronic pain management program at the Ottawa Hospital in January. About three weeks ago I started experiencing extreme versions of my usual symptoms and had to cut way back […]

My Week In Pictures: Pianos, polish, and pretty red notebooks

This last week was a lot of quiet time punctuated by small pleasures. I started writing in a new red journal, I drank a lot of tea, I painted my nails this nice fossil colour, I drank a bunch of tea, I saw some great Ottawa-local jazz musicians in concert, I played a brunch gig […]

My Week In Pictures: I can go outside again! Hooray!

I have been enjoying the spring so much I could have summarized this whole week with one photo of my patio set. I think we barbecued every meal of the day this week, including breakfast. But seriously, it’s been a really fun week. Craig and I had musical visitors from Montreal, Joel Kerr and Marie-Claire […]

My Week In Pictures: blue skies and red lipstick

This was a nice week. There was just the right amount of everything. After last week’s post about being down on the artist life, it was nice to have a fun art-filled week. I taught a dozen students, I performed at Live Jazz Monday and at the Brookstreet Hotel and at the Herb & Spice, I […]

My Week In Pictures: I think I might be crazy

You may have noticed that I wasn’t around as much as usual last week. I didn’t really tweet much or post much to facebook or post much on my blog. I was pretty busy last week with practical stuff, like teaching a bunch of students and recording radio station IDs and attending concerts and receptions, […]

My Week In Pictures: Things I’ve learned about writing

I didn’t take a lot of photos this week for one reason or another. I think it was a combination of not wanting to leave the house because of the freak weather, and the fact that I spent most of my free time alternating between watching Community and writing poems/lyrics. On the subject of writing […]

My Week In Pictures: Poetry, Performances, and Sunny Spring

This week was so delightful. It was sunny and colourful and a complete 180 from last week’s winter freak storm. Although I was burdened by a looming (self-imposed) tax deadline, I made sure to take a lot of time this week to enjoy the little things like breakfast with friends, coffee in a rainbow mug, […]