highlights: fall moments, long exposures, and david eskenazy



This week was full of beautiful fall moments. Everything was red and grey and rainy and crunchy with soft light and it just made me crazy about taking pictures. The first photo above is my personal reminder to practice photography everyday if I want to start getting better at it.

My new camera has a lot of settings that are kind of intimidating. I’m trying to slowly get to know each one. A few nights ago I sat on my balcony with my camera and my tripod and practice taking long exposure shots. This is my best result from that experiment:


I also spent a lot of time thinking about the blog and what direction I want to go in. I launched two new features, weekend inspiration and jazz on filmweekend inspiration will be short posts featuring music or youtube clips or anything really that I find inspiring or exciting at the moment. jazz on film will feature biographical films about jazz musicians, films with jazz-centric stories, films staring jazz musicians, film adaptations of broadway musicals from the jazz age, or films with a jazz score. I’d love to know what you think of these new features or what you would like to see in the future. This is going to be the year of blogging so get your suggestions in now!

Lastly, despite my lack of funds, I shelled out and signed up for a semester of David Eskenazy online weekly vocal improvisation training. I am SO excited about his crossmode style of learning harmony. Check it out in this video:

So I guess it’s been a pretty inspiring and creative week! Photography, blogging, vocal improvising… How lucky am I??

My Week In Pictures: first week of 2013


2013 is underway and the year has started off with a bang. After a New Year’s day brunch with the fam I jumped back into work. I started writing some grant applications that are due next week and set up the last of the Indiegogo perks to be sent out. I had a nice coffee date with Nicholas Maclean, a great pianist from Ottawa who currently lives and studies in Toronto. And I had a lovely breakfast date with fellow singer, Nicole Ratté.

On Friday night I played at the Ottawa Swing Dance Society’s live band night so we spent the afternoon on Thursday rehearsing for that.

I have a tendency to overwork myself so I tried to make time for songwriting, working out, and a little bit of photography, just for fun. I actually really like that self-portrait in the middle photo. It was taken by shooting with my iPhone through the view finder of a Fujica Camera. Click here to see the higher res version of that photo.

There is so much going on in the next few months so I’m trying to prepare myself and get ahead on work. Is that even possible?!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting back to regular performance. Live Jazz Monday is back tonight at 9pm at Mercury Lounge so please stop on by for a cocktail and a relaxing evening of jazz standards preformed by myself and François Gravel. There’s no cover!

Photos by Claude Brazeau // CD release edition


As I have mentioned before, photographer Claude Brazeau is one of the best in the Ottawa. He attended the Here We Go Again CD release on Friday, December 7th and took some amazing photos (of me – sorry Mark). He has graciously allowed me to share them here so please click through to view the whole set and leave a comment if you love Claude’s work!

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