Here We Go Again song preview: Just As We Are

Song preview number two! Here is another youtube release of one of the tracks from Here We Go Again. This song is called Just As We Are and it’s about a young and naïve lover who wants her new romance to stay exactly the way it is forever. Just As We Are features Frank Lozano on tenor saxophone. I hope you enjoy it!

To get your hands on Here We Go Again, head over the NAC website and get your tickets to our release concert on December 7th. I can’t wait to release this CD!!

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Here We Go Again song preview: So Far

I’m very excited to give you a peak into the album that Mark and I (and a whole bunch of other amazing people) have been diligently working on for awhile now. Above is a video containing So Far, the first track from Here We Go Again. Click on the video to listen. If you like it and are looking to buy tickets to my Ottawa CD release on December 7th at the NAC Fourth stage, click here and I’ll tell you how. If you live elsewhere and would like me to come and do a release concert in your town, leave a comment here or on the video.