Renée Yoxon

Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam at Pressed

Welcome a new house band to the Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam at Pressed

The Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam at Pressed is starting into it’s 9th month of existence, and after 8 months of running it with Craig Pedersen and David Pontello as the house band, it’s time to pass the torch! Starting this Saturday, Karen Rauh and company will be hosting the jam. Karen has been a part […]

My Week In Pictures: orange-yellow-green spheres

Another week, another ceramic cow. This was a wild week filled with promo, performances, and orange-yellow-green spheres. On Monday we had Live Jazz Monday which was totally fun as always. On Tuesday, Craig and I took our usual day off. We had coffee with friends, bought some awesome cinnamon walnuts and lemon salted almonds from […]

My Week In Pictures: Ottawa hearts art

How was your week, dear readers? Mine was jam packed with movies, coffees, shows, postering, galleries and lovely people. On Tuesday Craig and I went down to the PAL Ottawa launch. PAL is an organization which provides support and affordable housing to artists later in life. We proudly bought our memberships and had a lovely […]

My Week In Pictures: endless celebration (and gourmet doughnuts)

This has been a luxurious, hedonistic, celebratory week. In fact, if I had to describe my week in a word, I would call it “festive.” I’ve decided lately that I want to spend a little more time, energy, and money on fashion, makeup, and accessories. I’m fortunate that I get the opportunity to get on […]

My Week In Pictures: concerts, coffee, and carnivorous plants

I better start posting more things on this blog or it’ll turn into nothing but summaries of my week! I tried to take it a little easier this week than other weeks. As other self-employed people can attest, it’s easy to work yourself into ill-health. After a busy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of teaching, performing, […]