Renée Yoxon

Vlogging my feelings

by Renée

Hello faithful blog readers! I have returned to tell you about my latest communication obsession: vlogging! I miss a lot of what I had when I was blogging regularly (having a readership, musing in a casual way about whatever I felt like musing about, keeping friands updated about my life) but I still don’t feel like I can commit to a blog schedule in a way that would satisfy me. So I’ve decided to give vlogging a whirl.

I’m not making any rules for myself, no schedule, no format, just whatever I feel like. Sometimes these will be a talking head where I pontificate on life, the universe, and everything (like the first vlog below) or they may be accounts of my daily life jump-cut together in a jumbled way (like the second vlog below), or who knows what else!

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