Create a voice that’s as unique as your gender identity, and cultivate the courage to be unapologetically you.
Yes! This course is for me!
Portrait of Renée Yoxon, gender-affirming voice teacher

If you’re reading this, you’re here because you feel constrained by the traditional narratives of gender expression and the man/woman gender binary. You’re on a journey to create a life and presentation that feel completely unique to you.

You may be genderqueer, gender non-conforming, agender, nonbinary, any other term, or no term at all. But no matter how you define yourself, the point is that you’re making your own rules.

You’re on a quest to express your most authentic self, but there’s one sticking point that you’re struggling with: the sound of your voice. What should be your most powerful form of expression instead is something that causes dysphoria, misgendering and discomfort.

Does this sound like you?


 You find it challenging to adapt your voice to match the fluidity or uniqueness of your gender expression, making you feel like you’re trapped in one type of vocal gender expression.

As soon as you open your mouth, you get misgendered, giving you a feeling of dysphoria.

You’re unsure of what your nonbinary voice should even sound like, so you have no idea where to start.

The information you’ve found about voice modification is confusing, and you don’t know what steps to take to get results.


Yes! This course is for me!

What if I told you that you can…

  • create a voice that is authentically yours, free from conventional gender norms.
  • have the confidence to use your voice boldly in any setting.
  • stop getting misgendered by strangers because of your voice.
  • feel joy exploring your speaking voice because you have practical, actionable steps.

If this sounds too good to be true, I promise it's absolutely achievable for you. As a nonbinary person and voice training expert, I have created a voice that I love and I have helped hundreds of students do the same!

cassette tape, pencil, paper clips

I’m so excited to introduce the FIRST EVER online voice course of its kind, ANYWHERE! You don’t have to choose between masculinization or feminization; Mix & Match is a trans voice course that completely breaks free of the binary.

Mockup of Mix & Match: Designing Your Nonbinary Voice

This course isn’t just about creating a neutral or androgynous voice (although it will teach you that too.) This course is all about options. Here are just some of the voice types that this course can help you create:

  1. Neutral/androgynous voice: all the gendered characteristics of the voice are balanced.
  2. Multiple choice: create multiple voices for your different genders if you are genderfluid, bigender, or just someone who likes options!
  3. Gender confusion: a voice that is intentionally different from your physical presentation.
  4. Alien: maybe you want a voice that is entirely outside of the gender binary and more unusual than average. You can play with that too!

Just like there are so many different ways to be nonbinary, there are also so many ways to have a nonbinary voice! This course will teach you traits from across the board, giving you steps to combine different aspects to make a voice that’s completely and uniquely YOURS.

Portrait of Skye (they/them)

"Since coming out as nonbinary I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with the sound of my own voice. I have no desire to go on hormones so my goals were to adjust my voice to sound less feminine without that. When I found out about Renée, I was excited to take their class. They are incredibly knowledgeable about this subject and have a lot of experience working with trans and nonbinary folks. They gave me hope that I can make small adjustments that will made me more comfortable in my own skin.”

So How Does It Work?

Mix & Match is based on the concept of a mixing board and it will revolutionize the way you visualize voice training. Picture a DJ's mixing console, but instead of adjusting tracks or channels, you're fine-tuning the characteristics of your voice—pitch, resonance, weight, and more—each represented by a different slider.

This innovative visualization tool helps you map out and adjust these aspects, providing a hands-on, interactive experience in discovering your unique sound. Just like a DJ adds their own spin to the songs they play, this technique is based on the same creative play and experimentation.

Picture of the mixing board

If you want to change the sound of your voice in any given situation, you'll have the techniques necessary to move one of the "sliders," so you can create any type of voice you want at any moment! It's designed to make the complex process of voice alteration intuitive and FUN, allowing for precise adjustments to create a voice that truly represents your identity.

This spirit of creative, curious play is really what sets Mix & Match apart. My role is to give you techniques and guide you through a creative process that uncovers your voice's potential, rather than prescribing a one-way path to voice modification.

It's about exploration, experimentation, and finding joy in every sound you make.

Yes! This course is for me!

When you follow the steps in this course...




Before: Feeling overwhelmed by voice training resources that aren’t created for all the facets of your non-binary identity.

moth pointing right

After: You have a structured, tailor-made and personalized game plan that guides you step-by-step towards the voice of your dreams.

Before: Feeling stuck with a voice that doesn't reflect the different facets of your authentic identity, leading to discomfort and dysphoria.

moth pointing right

After: You've mastered techniques to skillfully adjust your voice to match various aspects of your identity, aligning with your gender and increasing your confidence in daily interactions.

Before: You feel isolated in your voice transition journey, lacking community support and understanding.

moth pointing right

After: You've connected with a community of individuals on similar paths, providing mutual support, inspiration, and understanding, making the journey less lonely.

portrait of Chloe (she/her)

"I absolutely loved this course! Renée has done an amazing job creating a safe, welcoming, supportive environment. They make all the overwhelming technical details so simple and easy, and take you through the process step by step. It took me a long time to work up the courage to get into this course, but I'm so glad I did. Besides, Renée is just adorable and so fun to watch!”

Photo reel of Renée

So what exactly is Mix & Match?

Mix & Match is a 7 module nonbinary voice transformation course that will help you create the voice of your dreams.

By the end of this course, you’ll ➜

✔ Gain effective techniques for getting in tune with your body and learn how you're already using your voice. You already have voice skills (trust me!) and we’ll build on those to help you create a voice you love.

Develop a complete understanding of everything you need to know to gain control over your vocal expression in a way that's both effective and deeply personal.

✔ Have a solid game plan for practicing your voice in a way that sticks. You'll gradually build up your vocal endurance and continually move closer to your voice goals.

Never feel stuck with a voice that doesn't fit again; see tangible improvements with personalized guidance every step of the way.

Yes! This course is for me!
Course Breakdown
Module 1: Your Nonbinary Voice

This module sets up a strong foundation for your voice practice by asking: what is a nonbinary voice and how is gender expressed vocally? 

In module one, you’re going to learn:

  • Methods of setting up a self-care practice.
  • All about vocal gender expressed across time, languages, and cultures.
  • Accessible vocal anatomy. Complex concepts about voice science are broken down and presented in easy-to-understand ways.
  • An overview of all things trans voice alteration to prepare you for the coming modules.
Module 2: Developing Awareness

This module will show you how you already modify your voice for expression and play! You will build on the voice skills you learned last week and dive deeper into your nonbinary voice goals.

In module two, you’re going to learn:

  • Vocal health concerns. How do dairy, acid reflux, and coffee affect the voice? Is glottal fry bad for you? All your vocal health questions will be answered.
  • A complete warm-up for your voice and body (as well as a quick one for when you're short on time).
  • To take stock of the ways in which your currently use your voice so that you can apply your existing skills in your nonbinary voice practice.
  • To examine your unique nonbinary flavour so you can set voice goals that are relevant to your life. 
Module 3: Playing with Pitch

What exactly is pitch? How do we measure it and which ranges are considered "masculine" or "feminine"? Find out in this module.

In module three, you’re going to learn:

  • How to explore your range safely and confidently. I provide you with all the tools you need.
  • How to measure pitch in real-time and on recording using a variety of tools.
  • To understand basic piano theory and acoustics so you can talk about pitch in whatever way you feel comfortable.
Module 4: Resonance

What is resonance and how is it difference from pitch? In this module, I will show you that you're already an expert at manipulating resonance and that a darker or brighter voice is within your grasp.

In module four, you’re going to learn:

  • How you are already an expert at modifying the resonance of your voice. We'll exploit your existing skills to make mastering resonance alteration easy.

  • How to measure resonance using a spectrogram - it's not as hard as you think!

  • Tips and tricks for identifying the resonance of vocal sounds using your ears, intuition, and body perception. 

Module 5: Vocal Weight

In this module, you'll learn about all the ways that vocal weight can change and colour sounds in conjunction with pitch and resonance, making your sound heavier or lighter.

In module five, you’re going to learn:

  • What vocal structures are involved in controlling vocal weight, and how you already use those structures.

  • How to use your proprioception and body awareness to tell if you're creating a heavy or light sound.

  • A huge toolbox of exercises for thinning and thickening your sound to create exactly the balance you want.

Module 6: Sentence Contour

How is gender reflected in the way that we inflect our sentences? How does pitch compare to volume when we add emphasis? You will learn this and more in this module.

In module six, you’re going to learn:

  • How a variety of sentence contour and emphasis types are perceived.
  • How to measure the dynamic range of your sentences using a variety of tools.
  • A collection of exercises for modifying the perception of your sentence contour.
Module 7: Your Practice Routine

Knowledge is power, but creating the systems in your life to put that knowledge into practice is where your voice will really start to take shape! In the final module, we'll create a practice plan with clear goals that you can continue working towards well into the future!

In module six, you’re going to learn:

  • Science-backed habit-forming hacks that will help you become a person who practices voice.
  • How to practiced combining all the characteristics from the previous modules to create a voice as unique as your gender.
  • Progress-tracking strategies include pre-made practice log templates and more.
  • Dozens of practice games to help you build endurance so that your new voice can become a passive habit.
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Mockup of Mix & Match: Designing Your Nonbinary Voice

1. Lifetime access to my one-of-a-kind course, Mix & Match ($2500 VALUE)

This course has taken me a lifetime to build, and I have created it with love and care. In it you’ll get information I learned through my university degrees and technical training, plus thousands of hours of experience teaching students! While the value of this course is high, I subsidize the cost so it can be accessible.

This program comes in 7 modules, given to you weekly to help prevent information overwhelm. Every module has six lessons, filled with numerous straightforward exercises to help you create the voice you desire!

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2. Access to our Peer-to-Peer Private Discord Community ($150 VALUE)

You don’t have to be on this journey alone! This course gives you access to a vibrant community of intelligent people who are on the same path. You'll gain special entry to our private Discord, where you can have all your questions, big or small, answered by your talented and like-minded peers. You’ll have lifetime access with no added membership fees!

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3. Monthly Live Q&A Calls (VALUE: $2000)

One-on-one and live group lessons can be prohibitively expensive, but you’ll get live access to me free with this course! I know that your nonbinary voice is specific to you, which means you’ll have unique questions you’ll need answered. That’s why this course will include a monthly live office hour so I can answer your questions and give direct feedback.

+ Bonuses

Bonus 1

Three Trans Voice eBooks (VALUE $50)

Download three supplementary e-books “Practice Games for Endurance,” “Learn How Your Voice Works,” & “The Vocal Anatomy Coloring Book.” All designed to enhance your success in this course!

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Bonus 2

Free Nonbinary Voice Warmup Video (VALUE $100)

Daily warm-ups for your voice can significantly elevate your trans voice transformation journey! This video will teach you quick and straightforward exercises that can be performed anywhere, helping you practice even on days when you don't work on your target voice specifically.

Mockup of a follow-along voice warm-up

Never feel uncertain about your voice again; craft a voice that's uniquely yours with...

Mockup of Mix & Match: Designing Your Nonbinary Voice

One-Time Payment

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  • SAVE $33 USD
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  • Voice Warmup Video

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  • Lifetime access to Mix & Match

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  • 3 Trans Voice eBooks

  • Voice Warmup Video

Join now for $55/month

12-Week Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll love Mix & Match that I’m offering a no-risk 12-week money-back guarantee! I’m creating these courses as an act of service, and I never want you to feel like you’re stuck with something that’s not working for you.

If you register for this course and don’t like my teaching style or don’t find that the content is for you, I’ll give you a full refund. All you have to do is reach out to me within 12 weeks of purchasing the course and I’ll give you every penny back, no questions asked.

Have we met?
Portraits of Renée

Hi, I’m Renée! (they/them)

I’m a queer and nonbinary musician and vocal coach. I've spent over 20 years as a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach, and I’ve helped thousands of individuals like you create a voice that they love!

My one goal is to support trans and queer people in feeling JOY! In their lives, in their bodies and with their voices. My teaching superpower lies in taking complicated ideas and using straightforward language to make knowledge accessible, actionable, and personal.

I've developed six digital courses that deliver clear, step-by-step guidance on trans voice training to transgender and nonbinary individuals globally: Trans Vocal Exploration, Trans Voice Basics, Mindful Voice Feminization, Learn to Teach Trans Voice Alteration in 5 Weeks, Masculinize Your Voice Without Testosterone, and now Mix & Match: Designing Your Nonbinary Voice.

Mix & Match is the first course of its kind worldwide!

Creativity and empathy are at the core of what I do, and there's nothing I love more than supporting people like you in achieving the voice of their dreams.

Want to reach out or learn more? Read more about me at or @reneeyoxon across social media platforms.

Maybe you're thinking...

I don’t have the money

I know the upfront cost may feel like a lot. But what is living with a voice that makes you uncomfortable costing you? While $297 may seem high, the value of the course is way more. This program provides the same information as roughly 12 private lessons, which runs at around a $2500 price tag. I've already drastically reduced the price to support as many people as possible.

If you truly can’t afford this course, I encourage you to check out my scholarship program.


I don’t have the time

Having a consistent practice routine doesn’t have to take up a lot of time! The amazing thing about this course is that it’s given to you in actionable, bite size chunks. It has lifetime access so you can take whatever time you need, and I give you easy short exercises that you can do anywhere whenever you have a moment. You would be surprised how much progress small daily actions get you!

I don't have what it takes

Yes, you do! Each student I see thinks they lack the necessary skills. But I’ve never met a student that didn’t improve when they followed my steps. I’ve built these courses specifically to give direction to people who feel lost about how to make a voice they love. And I’ve helped hundreds of people who think they couldn’t do it. If you're already using your voice to communicate, you possess all that’s required.


Can you imagine how it would feel to have a voice that truly represents you?

Mix & Match opens the door to a world where your voice does not just echo your identity—it celebrates it in all its glory.

What if you could...
  • Never feel hesitant to speak up again
  • Fully break free of people’s gender assumptions
  • Express all facets of your identity with a voice that you can create from scratch
  • Be part of a community that validates and supports your journey
  • Have clear direction with playful, enjoyable exercises that inspire growth.

This course is a call to those ready to embrace their uniqueness and explore the vast possibilities of vocal expression!

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You have 2 choices...

You can :

❌ Feel stuck in dysphoria and negative self talk

❌ Struggle to meet your goals

❌ Feel overwhelmed by where to start

❌ Feel lost and alone

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Or you can:

🦋 Join Mix & Match and take a joyful and playful step towards goals that will let you live your most liberated and bold life imaginable.

Are you ready to transform your voice into one you'll love? With a focus on creativity, curiosity, and exploration, this course is more than just learning; it's about embracing your authentic gender expression and achieving joy in your body.

Mockup of Mix & Match: Designing Your Nonbinary Voice

One-Time Payment

$297 USD

Save $33!

  • SAVE $33 USD
  • Lifetime access to Mix & Match

  • Lifetime peer-to-peer community access

  • Monthly live Q&A

  • 3 Trans Voice eBooks

  • Voice Warmup Video

Join now for just $297

Payment Plan

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6 easy monthly payments

  • Lifetime access to Mix & Match

  • Lifetime peer-to-peer community access

  • Monthly live Q&A

  • 3 Trans Voice eBooks

  • Voice Warmup Video

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Start your journey to self-affirmation and confidence with me today!

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