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Daily warm-ups for your voice are the game-changing practice that can skyrocket your trans voice alteration! Warm-ups are quick and easy practices that you can do anywhere, even if you choose not to practice your target voice that day. Here's why warming up every day can help increase your success:

Helps Create a Practice Habit

Developing a voice practice routine can be intimidating, especially if you have dysphoria and don't love hearing the sound of your voice. But when you warm up, the goal isn't to hit your target voice, it's to help you relax and develop flexible vocal cords.

Warm-up exercises are fun and provide a judgment-free entry point into playing with your voice regularly. It can be a lot easier to do warm-up exercises daily because it's not about doing it right or wrong; it's about making it a consistent part of your daily routine.

Helps Get You In Touch With Your Body

Warming up your voice helps develop an awareness of your body. Effective trans voice alteration involves mastering movements of subtle vocal muscle groups that you may not have noticed before. Warm-ups teach you to notice these muscles, giving you a better understanding of the mechanics involved. 

Warming up your voice is like practicing pronunciation of a language before you learn all the vocabulary. It teaches you how to make sounds and movements in vocalization that will let you reach your target voice more easily.

Helps You Relax

Tension in the body can hinder your progress with trans voice alteration. The tighter and more stressed you are, the more tension you have in the muscles that control your voice. 

As you warm up, the tension in your body decreases, which reduces tension around your larynx. This results in increased vocal flexibility, making subsequent exercises easier to do. A relaxed body is key to a more effective voice practice!

Helps You Feel Less Embarrassed and Anxious

Warming up helps to tackle the feelings of embarrassment that can come up when starting a voice practice for the first time. If you haven't spent a significant amount of time making silly sounds, a voice practice can activate your anxiety because, frankly, it feels embarrassing!

But like in any exposure therapy, the more you do it, the less activating it will be. A daily warm-up will help to normalize silly sounds so that your trans voice practice can be as shame-free and effective as possible. 

So Start Playing!

Picture a warm-up routine as the cornerstone of your success, helping you to play, relax, learn, and build successful habits in a really easy way. So choose whichever warm-up video you want - I’ve created a warm-up routine for those with masculine, feminine, or nonbinary goals - you can even use all three! These warm-up videos are a gift to help you skyrocket your success.

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