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See what other people have to say about Renée's e-course, workshops, and lessons

"I absolutely loved this course! Renée has done an amazing job creating a safe, welcoming, supportive environment. They make all the overwhelming technical details so simple and easy, and take you through the process step by step. It took me a long time to work up the courage to get into this course, but I'm so glad I did. Besides, Renée is just adorable and so fun to watch!

This course was a big deal for me. It felt really good to set aside the time for myself to work on my voice. One thing that I realized was how much skill and control I already have, how many of the technical aspects came easily to me. A lot of my ah-ha moments were times when some aspect of the practice, an exercise or activity, brought up big unexpected feelings, probably connected to childhood trauma, and that by slowing down and experiencing those feelings in the safe container I had created for myself I have been able to move past them and discover more freedom and euphoria in my voice."

Chloe Vieira (she/her), Mindful Voice Feminization Student

"Renée has a true gift for teaching, a passion for voice, and a clear commitment to trans empowerment. Through their course I gained practical skills, tools, and techniques for vocal feminization, and after only 6 sessions I'm already well on the way to my goals!

If you're ready to dedicate yourself to a compassionate, daily practice, then I'm confident that Renée has the skills to work magic for you like they did with me. I'm endlessly grateful <3"

- Pippa (she/her)

"Renée's energy and enthusiasm are infectious and they really foster a positive, safe and caring environment. The vocal exercises they taught and their knowledge on all things vocal exploration were exemplary and I would be more than happy to recommend anyone - regardless of where they place themselves on the gender spectrum and beyond - to participate in your workshops in future.”

Lilith Ferreyra-Carroll, age 36 (she/her)
National Community Development officer with Transgender Equality Network Ireland

“I took private lessons with Renée for six months and it was one of my best transition decisions. I have tried for years to understand gender-affirming voice lessons from YouTube videos, and workshops, but all of them were beyond the scope of my understanding. Lessons with Renée helped me to understand how the wonderful vocal instrument works. With exercise and taking small steps along the way, I'm now confident I can climb this mountain and succeed."

Joséphine (she/they)

"Renée's workshop was fun and informative. They did a great job making people feel included while making sure to respect boundaries and not make anyone feel out of place or made try their hand at anything they were comfortable with.

I would highly recommend Trans Vocal Exploration as an introduction to anyone unsure of how to begin approaching voice technique."

Cris R, age 27 (she/they)

"Renée is such a wonderful teacher and facilitator. They brought the group through the key information and exercises, all while constantly re-affirming the importance of each individual finding and appreciating their own voice, not simply conforming to social expectations."

Frances (she/her)

"Since coming out as non-binary I've been increasingly uncomfortable with the sound of my own voice. I have no desire to go on hormones so my goals were to adjust my voice to sound less feminine without that. When I found out about Renee I was really excited to take their class. They are incredibly knowledgeable about this subject and have a lot of experience working with trans and non-binary folks.

I learned a lot in Trans Vocal Exploration and am looking forward to exploring this more in the future. They gave me hope that I can make small adjustments that will make me more comfortable in my own skin."

Skye, age 38 (they/them)

“I love Renée Yoxon's Trans Vocal Exploration workshop because they know how to keep their students interested and involved. They have extensive knowledge about vocals and how to use them.

I haven't had the chance to take singing or songwriting lessons yet but I'm looking forward to it. "

Sophia M. Burgess (she/her)

"Renee has been extremely helpful with getting me started with exploring the avenue of feminising my voice and helping where I've been struggling."

Starla, age 24 (she/they)

"I always leave Renée's classes having learned more about my voice and more about myself. Renée's openness and adaptability to accessibility needs make for a warm and welcoming learning environment. As a trans man, they have also been very helpful in helping me explore different aspects of my voice, which has been very gender-affirming. To me, they have been an excellent vocal coach and life coach. Honestly a two for one deal!"

Mathieu, age 25 (he/him)

"Trans Vocal Exploration is very nice, I got a little stuck this month because of work and it's good to see that I can just go back and continue the study without any problems. I'm early in the course and a lot of information at this point are things that I already know, but is a lot of new things too, especially about the journey and other activities. I am loving Renée's content."

Mana da Costa (she/they)

"I'm excited! [In Trans Vocal Exploration] I've already gained awareness of my vocal apparatus, and how I tend to use it, and I've been experimenting with using is differently, it feels good!

I've been consciously relaxing my vocal muscles more when I talk, and letting it vibrate further back in my throat, and forming my mouth differently with vowels, and it feels better, less dysphoric."

Emet Aron (they/he)

"I so appreciate Renée's clarity in how they explain vocal anatomy and the phonation process! In my work as a voice teacher, Alexander Technique teacher, and psychotherapist, I am often sitting with people who are exploring their embodied, emotional connection to their voice. Renée's presentation simplified the process for me, distilling this work down to the essentials - which feels refreshing for me, even after many years of exploring embodied voice work! I especially enjoyed their exercises for distinguishing pitch from resonance changes - so simple and so effective! I'll be riffing on these exercises and Renée's four-step process for implementing new habits with some new Alexander Technique voice clients this month."

Alison Taylor (she/her), voice and Alexander Technique teacher

“I can say with absolute confidence that Renée’s Trans Vocal Exploration workshop was the best I've ever attended. Their commitment to making the material relevant and accessible to their audience, providing a perfect blend of theory and practice, as well as their dedication to anti-oppressive work particularly impressed me. Would definitely recommend Renée to anyone who asked.”

Julien Johnson, Drop-In & Youth Services Coordinator at Project 10

"The Trans Vocal Exploration workshop was very good and very fun! It was very helpful to discover vocal placements and understandings about 'more feminine and masculine voice'. For those who do not understand much about voice and vocal fold dynamics, it is an incredible conversation. For those who already understand, it is super complementary!"

Yann Cerri, age 26 (they/them)

"I had a great time in Trans Vocal Exploration! It was a fun and informative. They went through very simple exercises that really showed me how much control I already have over my voice, so I feel confident about playing and experimenting with it in the future."

Iris, age 28 (she/her)

"Renée is a really engaging and entertaining teacher. I'm just at the beginning of my journey and I feel like Trans Vocal Exploration gave me the tools I need to push myself in the right direction!"

Sophie, age 24 (she/her)

"Renée is so kind and fun to work with! They have a wonderful energy and try to make everyone feel included and comfortable. I never really knew what to do with my voice. I realized after taking T, I wanted to figure out what my voice was capable of since everything moved around. I'm glad to have a space to test out control of my voice and I have been inviting friends so they can get tips and tricks too. Thank you so much for this resource, it's been so helpful!"

Cricket, age 24 (he/they)

"Trans Vocal Exploration is brilliant. Renée is a bright, bubbly teacher who makes learning fun"

Jenny Bee, (she/her)

"Trans Vocal Exploration is really great! I think it’s especially great for people that don’t know anything about voice. I have 2 music comp degrees so I know a fair amount about sound and it’s been great to apply that knowledge and your approaches/exercises to control my own voice better. Plus you’re super fun and you make the lessons really enjoyable and short. My biggest aha moment was the nasality exercise because I never had a good way of telling if I was being nasal vs bright!"

Aeryn, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“Trans Vocal Exploration has been unexpectedly healing. Creating the little craft for my name and giving myself some love with the warm up has opened my eyes to myself. I'm very excited about what's to come. I have already experienced a greater awareness of myself and the way I use my voice every day.”

Riley, Trans Vocal Exploration student

 “Trans Vocal Exploration helped me to understand resonance and see how much of an impact it has compared to pitch. It gave me hope to be able to have variation and still pass! I loved the actual working tips and the help with the mentality.”

Alex, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“I love the warm ups! I haven’t done vocal warm ups since choir pre-HRT in college, and forgot how much my range has changed. Since beginning the course I have experienced a more steady sounding voice.”

Marcelo, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“I found this course very helpful. It especially clicked when Renée talks about vocal fold mass, it makes a big difference towards where I want my voice to be.”

Juno, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“The sections in this course on bouncing vs. barking and on finding my standard range and the limits of my range were really helpful! I'm still working on integrating ideas into my day-to-day, but this is a great first step of getting information.”

Anders, Trans Vocal Exploration student

"I've been enjoying Trans Vocal Exploration. I thought I was getting a voice lesson only, but it came with a side of yoga =) I seriously love the stretching and warm ups. Having a good routine helps me a lot! It's nice to have all the structure involved so far and I remind myself that even though I may not be close to my target voice yet, all the work adds up.”

Erica, Trans Vocal Exploration student

"Trans Vocal Exploration is bringing a lot of things to light that I didn't know! I'm finding the exploration of the different voices we use in different contexts helpful. I've been examining my own voice in different scenarios and starting to notice the qualities I like in other voices and trying to emulate them. I've already experienced awareness of my own voice in different contexts, ability to mimic a few sounds from my "target" voices, and dropping my pitch because I'm thinking about my voice more."

Rae, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“I had so many ah-ha moments during this course: learning about the importance of resonance, visualizing the parts of the vocal tract as I speak, thinking about inflection and listening for the drop. Since beginning the course I have been able to maintain target resonance more consistently as it's easier to move the muscles physically in the correct way.”

Sophie, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“I'm enjoying Trans Vocal Exploration. I feel like I've developed some pitch and resonance control and really just need to strengthen my muscles to keep it up because my voice gets tired right now and starts to drop as a result. Overall I think I'm at the point of also trying to get it to sound more natural as well which I'm sure will come with practice.”

Melanie, Trans Vocal Exploration student

“I really liked Renée’s ways of breaking down pitch, weight, and resonance for non-singers or at least for non-vocal-science nerds :) I hope I remember them when I'm teaching! I also loved the cognitive load suggestions, especially Scattergories. Excellent to have the emphasis on habit development and repetition, something I think is hard to overstate for students of all kinds.”

Erin (she/her), soprano, voice teacher, stage director, on taking Trans Voice Basics

"Inflection really let me know how fem my voice already is and how much further I can take it! So far I've noticed that with slight changes I can reach my target voice, I just need to hone and practice to make them more easy to pull off.”

Olivia, Trans Vocal Exploration student

"I love it! As an SLP specializing in gender-affirming voice care, a gender fluid person myself, and a musical theatre voice teacher/singer, I love to study new approaches to this interesting subject :)”

Bram, Trans Vocal Exploration student

"Honestly, it’s been really helpful to see how much I already know that can be applied to feminizing my voice. I’ve had some vocal lessons, and I’ve done some yoga practice that’s emphasized stretching and breathing in a healthy way, and it’s really encouraging to know that that experience can be an asset to me in this process.”

Sylvie, Trans Vocal Exploration student