Learn to teach trans voice alteration in 5 weeks

You can teach trans voice lessons too!

Use your singing teacher skills to spread trans joy throughout your community. 

This course is a 5-week program that runs from November 7th to December 5th, 2021. Classes will be held from 10am to 2pm EST every Sunday.

$247 USD

Weekly live Zoom calls + lifetime access to course materials

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Calling all voice teachers...

For ten years, I was a singing teacher exclusively. I love singing, I'm obsessed with vocal anatomy and singing processes, and I adore watching my students improve and see their own dreams realized. Sound familiar?

Then, in 2018, I noticed a gaping hole in voice services for trans people in my community of Montreal. I'm trans myself and I spend a lot of time with other trans people. It became immediately clear that as a singing teacher, I could use my skills to help trans people develop their ideal authentic speaking voice.

But it wasn't easy to get started. There were no centralized resources and no certification programs for singing teachers looking to add this skill to their skillset - until now...

In September of 2021, I launched my first online course, Trans Vocal Exploration, designed to help trans voice students reach their goals. Their feedback was clear: they also need affordable, accessible, private instruction.

My goal now is to help kind, empathetic, and motivated teachers just like you answer that call and become the trans voice teachers that are sorely missing from every community.

You too can teach trans voice lessons and help spread trans joy throughout your community!

Course Syllabus

Learn to teach trans voice alteration in 5 weeks runs in five four-hour blocks (10am to 2pm EST) every Sunday between November 7th and December, 5th, 2021, over Zoom.

Classes will be a mixture of lectures, group activities, Q&A, and live demonstrations. There will be periodic small breaks, as well as one half-hour break at 12pm EST.

Weeks 2, 3, and 4 will contain live-teaching demonstrations where Renée will work with a trans voice student in front of the group. Week 5 will contain a panel of three trans voice students who will be available to answer your questions.

Note: Due to the high-touch nature of this course, syllabus items are subject to change without notice, based on the time available and the needs of the participants.

Week 1: November 7, 2021

Gender Identity and You

How do you know that you are your gender? We open the course by unpacking and defining gender identity, attraction, and gender expression. We will cover the nuance of language around trans identity and how it differs from person to person. We will deconstruct the false binary of biological sex and de-gender vocal anatomy, as well as cover trans-specific vocal concerns such as hormones, puberty blockers, surgeries, and binding.

You will leave this week with a deeper understanding of the emotional and physiological nuance of being trans, as well as a deeper understanding of your own gender identity.

Week 2: November 14, 2021

The Big Picture

What are the primary components of trans voice alteration? How can we identify which aspects of our voice are causing our students distress? In the second week of the course, we will dive into the building blocks of trans voice alteration - pitch, resonance, vocal fold mass, and inflection. We will also spend time this week looking at pitch in more detail.

You will leave this week with a framework through which each of your trans voice students can be seen and supported.

Week 3: November 21, 2021

The Magic of Resonance

What are the main physiological differences between masculine and feminine-perceived voices? How can we use this knowledge to help our students create a voice that better aligns with their gender expression? In week three, we will take a close look at resonance, as well as vocal fold mass - two voice characteristics that have a huge impact on how a voice is perceived.

You will leave this week with the ability to identify, distinguish, and combine three of our building blocks: pitch, resonance, and vocal fold mass.

Week 4: November 28, 2021

Language and Culture

How do gendered characteristics of the voice differ between languages, cultures, age groups, and geographic location? How can we contextualize our student's voice practice so it suits their situation perfectly? In the fourth week of this course, we will look at how combining pitch, resonance, and vocal fold mass creates inflection in phrases, and how inflection differs from context to context.

You will leave this week with several resources to help your students go from saying single-syllable words in their target voice to long practice phrases.

Week 5: December 5, 2021

Rewiring the Brain

How do practice a new voice until it becomes second nature? How do we help our students to create their target voice without thinking? In the final week of the course, we will focus on endurance, practice strategies, and increasing the cognitive load. Many students can create their ideal voice when in a state of deep focus, but slip when their attention is split.

You will leave this final week with a library of exercises designed to slowly increase the cognitive load, as well as strategies to help students who aren't accustomed to keeping up a regular voice practice.

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Registration for the Fall 2021 cohort is now closed. To be notified when the next cohort opens, fill out the form below.

About Your Teacher

Renée Yoxon

  • Over the past 12 years, Renée has taught thousands of students from all over the world

  • They have a B.Sc. in Physics, a B.Mus. in Jazz Voice, and an MA in Songwriting

  • They are proudly non-binary trans and have their own trans voice journey to draw on

  • They speak three languages (English, French, and Spanish) so they are sensitive to language and cultural speech differences

  • They are disabled and have worked for years in feminist disability justice so they are sensitive to body differences, different learning styles, and access needs

This Course Includes

Weekly live group calls with Renée Yoxon

Five weekly four-hour lessons where you will dive deep into all the course material.

A library of teaching resources

Explore fillable handouts to share with your students as well as lists of exercises, cognitive load games, and more.

Two vocal anatomy e-books

Access to high-resolution copies of The Trans Guide to Vocal Anatomy and the Vocal Anatomy Colouring Book to use yourself or share with your students.

Access to our private peer-to-peer Facebook group

Looking for support? Come join us in our peer-to-peer Facebook community! You'll get exclusive access to our private group where you can get any of your questions - big or small - answered by your talented and like-minded peers.

+ this bonus!

A certification badge to display on your website

Show prospective trans voice students in your community that you are safe and knowledgeable by prominently displaying a certification badge that will be delivered to you upon successful completion of the course.

Is this course right for me?

This is FOR you if:

  • You are a singing teacher, high-level voice student, choir director, speech-language pathologist, or voice professional of any kind looking to learn about trans voice work;
  • Or you want to learn how to respectfully support transgender students with whom you currently work;
  • Or there is a lack of trans voice professionals in your community and you want to fill that gap;
  • Or you are cisgender and want to work on your trans allyship (especially if you don't know what "cisgender" means!)

This is NOT for you if:

  • You have no voice teaching experience or voice education. This course is not for complete beginners, but rather for working voice professionals looking to add skills to their skillset.
  • You are "gender critical" or think that trans rights are up for debate.
  • You are unwilling to examine your existing ideas about gender, including your own gender.
  • You are not comfortable with online group learning. This is a "high touch" course with lots of face time between participants!

Registration closes in:









Registration for the Fall 2021 cohort is now closed. To be notified when the next cohort opens, fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find the answer to your question? Please contact [email protected].

Student Testimonials

Below are testimonials from Renée's trans voice students

"Renée's energy and enthusiasm are infectious and they really foster a positive, safe and caring environment. The vocal exercises they taught and their knowledge on all things vocal exploration were exemplary and I would be more than happy to recommend anyone - regardless of where they place themselves on the gender spectrum and beyond - to participate in their workshops in future.”

Lilith Ferreyra-Carroll (she/her)

"I always leave Renée's classes having learned more about my voice and more about myself. Renée's openness and adaptability to accessibility needs make for a warm and welcoming learning environment. As a trans man, they have also been very helpful in helping me explore different aspects of my voice, which has been very gender-affirming. To me, they have been an excellent vocal coach and life coach. Honestly a two for one deal!"

Mathieu (he/him)

“I took private lessons with Renée for six months and it was one of my best transition decisions. I have tried for years to understand gender-affirming voice lessons from YouTube videos, and workshops, but all of them were beyond the scope of my understanding. Lessons with Renée helped me to understand how the wonderful vocal instrument works. With exercise and taking small steps along the way, I'm now confident I can climb this mountain and succeed."

Joséphine (she/they)

"Since coming out as non-binary I've been increasingly uncomfortable with the sound of my own voice. I have no desire to go on hormones so my goals were to adjust my voice to sound less feminine without that. When I found out about Renee I was really excited to take their class. They are incredibly knowledgeable about this subject and have a lot of experience working with trans and non-binary folks.

I learned a lot in Trans Vocal Exploration and am looking forward to exploring this more in the future. They gave me hope that I can make small adjustments that will make me more comfortable in my own skin."

Skye (they/them)

"Renée is such a wonderful teacher and facilitator. They brought the group through the key information and exercises, all while constantly reaffirming the importance of each individual finding and appreciating their own voice, not simply conforming to social expectations."

Frances (she/her)

"Renée's workshop was fun and informative. They did a great job making people feel included while making sure to respect boundaries and not make anyone feel out of place or made try their hand at anything they were comfortable with.

I would highly recommend Trans Vocal Exploration as an introduction to anyone unsure of how to begin approaching voice technique."

Cris R (she/they)