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Not sure where to start?

There are a lot of freebies on this page, but my favourite place to start is with warming up your voice.

Voice Warm-Up Videos

Follow along with me as I teach you a secret weapon to help you gain control of your voice.

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Practice Games For Endurance

This workbook will teach you easy games that will help you maintain your target voice for longer.

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Learn How Your Voice Works

This workbook will teach you about the muscles and cartilage that control your voice, which will help you control them better.

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Vocal Anatomy Colouring Book

The colouring book is a fun and easy way to help you remember what you learned about your vocal anatomy in “Learn How Your Voice Works”.

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Progress Tracker

Let me guess: you want to evaluate your progress in your trans voice practice, but you HATE listening to recordings of yourself. It’s totally normal! I made this tool with you in mind.

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Practice Log Templates

Practice is the key to success, and keeping track of practice sessions is a great way to keep yourself accountable. So grab these cute practice logs to help you keep track.

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Voice Feminization Journal

This journal is full of prompts that will help you stay present, mindful, and playful in your voice feminization practice.

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Webinar for Voice Teachers

This hour-long webinar is for voice teachers who want to learn how to create a safe and welcoming environment for all of their trans and non-binary students.

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Device Wallpapers

Want to be inspired to practice every time you turn on your laptop or phone? Download these cute (and subtle) device backgrounds based on the colouring book.

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Want more free information? Check out these interviews!

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Trans Voice Teacher Directory

What to have lessons in person or learn in another language? Click here to find additional trans voice teachers who can help you on your journey.

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