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Trans Voice Basics

A mini-course primer on trans voice alteration

If you're brand new on your trans voice journey, or you just want to dip your toe in, this mini-course is perfect for you!

Only $15 USD

Trans Vocal Exploration: Feminization, Masculinization, and Voice Beyond the Binary

You already have what you need to love your voice. 

I know how distressing voice dysphoria can be, and I know that there is somehow too much information out there and not enough! I want to make things as simple as possible for you.

In this course you will learn:

▶︎ vocal anatomy and hygiene

▶︎ self-care tips to support voice training

▶︎ voice feminization, masculinization, and neutralization techniques

▶︎ how to understand and control pitch, resonance, vocal folds mass, and inflexion

▶︎ practice strategies to set you up for success

The best time to start is right now!

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Mindful Voice Feminization

You're dreaming of a feminine voice that matches what you hear in your head. A voice that shows others who you truly are.

You want to take steps towards your feminine voice that are sustainable and that won't lead to overwhelming dysphoria.

What if I told you that you could:

▶︎ Approach your voice practice with mental clarity and a beginner's mindset

▶︎ Achieve your voice goal, even if you never believed it was possible before.

▶︎ Create a natural-sounding feminine voice that aligns with your gender presentation

▶︎ Put voice feminization theory into practice easily and fearlessly

▶︎ Develop positive voice habits that work for your life

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Learn to teach trans voice alteration in 5 weeks

You can teach trans voice lessons too!

Use your singing teacher skills to spread trans joy throughout your community. 

In this course, you will get:

  • Hours of instruction with Renée
  • Teaching demonstrations and interviews with trans students.
  • Trans-specific voice concerns including hormones, puberty-blockers, surgeries, and more.
  • Concrete exercises and explanations of all aspects of trans voice alteration
  • Gender 101 so you can speak confidently and supportively with your trans students
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