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Trans Voice Basics

A mini-course primer on trans voice alteration

If you're brand new on your trans voice journey, or you just want to dip your toe in, this mini-course is perfect for you!

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Mix & Match! Designing Your Nonbinary Voice

Create a voice that’s as unique as your gender identity, and cultivate the courage to be unapologetically you.

What if I told you that you can:

  • Create a voice that is authentically yours, free from conventional gender norms.
  • Have the confidence to use your voice boldly in any setting.
  • Stop getting misgendered by strangers because of your voice.
  • Feel joy exploring your speaking voice because you have practical, actionable steps.
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Masculinize Your Voice Without Testosterone

Whether you’re a trans man, or a transmasc nonbinary person, or you just struggle with the sound of your voice regardless of your gender, it can be so frustrating to move through the world knowing that merely opening your mouth to express yourself can cause gender dysphoria, distress, and discomfort.

You may have been told up until now that the only way to develop a voice that is low enough, deep enough, and powerful enough to align with your gender is to take testosterone. However, that is not the only way!

Can you imagine:

  • Moving through the world with voice confidence, knowing how to control your pitch and resonance, even in stressful situations.
  • Getting gendered correctly by strangers when speaking, even over the phone.
  • Having a clear understanding of what goes into creating a masculine voice and all the steps needed to get there.
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Mindful Voice Feminization

You're dreaming of a feminine voice that matches what you hear in your head. A voice that shows others who you truly are.

You want to take steps towards your feminine voice that are sustainable and that won't lead to overwhelming dysphoria.

What if I told you that you could:

▶︎ Approach your voice practice with mental clarity and a beginner's mindset

▶︎ Achieve your voice goal, even if you never believed it was possible before.

▶︎ Create a natural-sounding feminine voice that aligns with your gender presentation

▶︎ Put voice feminization theory into practice easily and fearlessly

▶︎ Develop positive voice habits that work for your life

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Trans Vocal Exploration: Feminization, Masculinization, and Voice Beyond the Binary

You already have what you need to love your voice. 

I know how distressing voice dysphoria can be, and I know that there is somehow too much information out there and not enough! I want to make things as simple as possible for you.

In this course you will learn:

▶︎ vocal anatomy and hygiene

▶︎ self-care tips to support voice training

▶︎ voice feminization, masculinization, and neutralization techniques

▶︎ how to understand and control pitch, resonance, vocal folds mass, and inflexion

▶︎ practice strategies to set you up for success

The best time to start is right now!

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Learn to teach trans voice alteration in 5 weeks

You can teach trans voice lessons too!

Use your singing teacher skills to spread trans joy throughout your community. 

In this course, you will get:

  • Hours of instruction with Renée
  • Teaching demonstrations and interviews with trans students.
  • Trans-specific voice concerns including hormones, puberty-blockers, surgeries, and more.
  • Concrete exercises and explanations of all aspects of trans voice alteration
  • Gender 101 so you can speak confidently and supportively with your trans students
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