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In 2021, I created a course to train and certify other voice professionals to teach gender-affirming voice work. Through building this community I hope to grow awareness and help make this form of vocal support more accessible. Below is a directory of the voice professionals who have passed through my teacher training course. So far, we have teachers in 6 different countries, teaching in 4 languages!

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The teachers on this list come from varying backgrounds of expertise. Search this page (press Control-F or Command-F) by keyword to find someone who best suits your needs. You can also scroll through to discover them all!

All teachers teach online and in-person unless "online only" is specified. Please contact an individual teacher for their availability and rates.

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Ash Zvonham



Central to my philosophy is helping my students build the voice that suits their needs and desires rather than conforming to external ideas of what a voice should be.


  • Location: Lansing, MI, USA
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Audio recording and editing, classical voice, piano

Ash Zvonham (she/they) is a classically-trained singer and voice coach from the capital area of Michigan in the US. She started her career looking to teach music in public schools, acquiring degrees in Music Education (BSEd) and Music Performance (BFA) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but has since shifted to focus on what she feels is an incredibly important niche: vocal coaching for her fellow trans and non-binary people looking to shape their voices, both musically and conversationally. She is currently teaching with Modulation Institute, an online voice-coaching group, conducting in-person lessons at Wild Ferns Wellness Center in Lansing, MI, and moderating the Modulation Institute community discord. Attendees of her online lessons also get to enjoy frequent visits from her rotund cat, Sienna, who is constantly searching for attention and will acquire it at all costs.

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Emily Bate

all pronouns


Vocal freedom and creative expression for queer and trans people!


  • Location: Philadelphia, Central Vermont
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: beginners, songwriting, vocal arranging
  • Website: www.emilybate.com

Emily Bate is a multi-disciplinary artist and harmony freak, working in music performance, theater, choral music and social practice. Emily founded and conducts a 65-member queer community chorus called Trust Your Moves, an experiment in collective singing designed around liberation and co-creation, based in Philadelphia. Emily works with queer and trans people to unlock vocal potential, access our innate creativity, and create queer community. Emily teaches voice 1-1 and group voice lessons with sliding scale prices and a commitment to accessibility, including trans vocal workshops with colleague Julie Lipson.

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Andrew Martin



I employ a fun, student-led approach to vocal exploration, discovering both more confidence and joy in your voice where it is whilst providing skills and tools to reach new goals with greater freedom, understanding, and control.


  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Languages: English, German
  • Other Specialties: Vocal cross-training, music theatre, singer-songwriter, drag performance, classical, TfD

Andy is a queer performer, teacher, and community development worker with a passion for the intersections between social justice, performing arts, the voice, and holistic performance development. He has a Bachelor of Music (Music Education and Classical Voice), a Graduate Diploma of Music (Music Theatre), and a Masters of Development Studies (International Development) - with a focus on performing arts as integration mechanisms for queer refugee demographics.

Having lived and worked in Sydney and London, he is now based in Berlin, continually developing his performance, voice education, directing, and social justice practices and providing a safe and encouraging space for people of all backgrounds to achieve their voice goals and to discover more joy and freedom in their vocal practices. His voice teaching is holistic, integrated, and gender-affirming - informed by scientific vocal pedagogy, educational and therapeutic psychology, and a belief in the power of the voice and performing arts to bring healing and understanding - both to individuals and across diverse communities.

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Evelyn Newland



With studied mindfulness about the diverse and sometimes volatile lives we live as trans people, my goal is to empower students with the tools they need to speak as they wish to be heard with natural fluency.


  • Location: Between Stratford and Toronto, ON
  • Languages: English, some French and Spanish
  • Other Specialties: Linguistics and phonetics, anthropology, social work, LGBTQ+ literature and theory

Evelyn teaches gender-related voice coaching informed by her community-engaged fieldwork with trans people through her background in Anthropology, Linguistics and Phonetics, having studied at the University of Guelph and Western. She has a natural interest in the complex stories of trans people's lives and an acuity in discerning the individual needs of her students, informed by her experience in writing about people in formal academic settings and as a hobbyist fiction writer. Her knowledge of LGBTQ+ history and the complexities of gender as a living social phenomenon, as well as her personal experience as a transfeminine woman, lend her a perspective on the complications many trans people and especially transfeminine individuals encounter in voice-related transition, which they might otherwise have difficulty or discomfort putting into words. She aims to help her students overcome a degree of adversity - however slight - that they encounter in their everyday lives, so that they can move forward feeling stronger and more confident in themselves.

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Maureen Batt



Curiosity, compassion, and collaboration motivate and support me.


  • Location: Halifax, other Maritime locations, and Toronto
  • Languages: English, some French and Spanish
  • Other Specialties: Voice and movement. Voice/body/mind connection and wholeness
  • Website: maureenbatt.com/voicelessons/

Maureen Batt (she/her) focuses on celebrating new music by collaborating with composers to commission, première, and re-perform their works. Her discography includes ECMA-winning Lighthouse (with Grej); JUNO-nominated Breathing in the Shadows; Aunt Helen; Mirror, Mirror; and Lady of the Lake. Her latest EP is Durme, Durme: Four Ladino Songs.

Celebrated for her “rich, warm sound and masterful acting” (Opera Canada), Maureen has created many Canadian opera roles. Maureen is the co-Artistic Director of Essential Opera with Erin Bardua, producing operas since 2010. In 2015, Maureen founded Crossing Borders, a contemporary Western art music recital series which has toured the United States, Canada, and Colombia as well as digital broadcasts. Maureen has commissioned and premièred many works for Crossing Borders and Essential Opera.

She has a Master of Music from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Music from Dalhousie University, and a Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University (French/Spanish). As a pedagogue, Maureen has been a regular vocal coach on faculty at the Halifax Summer Opera Festival, is a frequent festival adjudicator, and offers masterclasses and workshops on voice and movement play. She is a Wholeness in Motion practitioner and does ongoing professional development with Dr. Shannon Coates and Babette Lightner. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Music Centre. Maureen is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

For more information and to listen to Maureen’s music visit maureenbatt.com and @maureenbattsoprano

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Bram Van Oudenhove



I would like to help you discover the voice that matches your identity and that feels comfortable


  • Location: Aalst (Belgium), Ghent (Belgium)
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French (EU)
  • Other Specialties: basic piano skills, modern dance, vogue/ballroom dance (pop, dip & spin)
  • Instragram: @voice_balance

Bram is graduated as a Speech-Language Pathologist at Ghent University (Belgium). They are specialized in voice disorders in teachers and singers, singing voice and gender-affirming voice. She studied several singing techniques to adapt their teaching skills to each individual student (Universal Voice System, Estill Voice Training, Modern Vocal Training, Complete Vocal Technique, IVA, ...). As a singer, Bram is mostly seen on stage as a musical theatre actor and dancer. Finally, they are happy to work on your speech goals, musical theatre repertoire, pop/rock repertoire, classical repertoire, while taking into account vocal balance and vocal health.

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Elizabeth “fig” Harris



Providing a therapeutic space for experimenting with self, sound, and creativity.


  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Music therapy, piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, music theory and songwriting instruction
  • Website: fignewtunes.com

Elizabeth “fig” Harris is a queer non-binary music therapist, music instructor, and art pop artist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

They became a board-certified music therapist after they studied music therapy and jazz voice at Duquesne University (Class of 2017), and in 2020, she started her own business FIG NEW TUNES LLC, for private music therapy, music instruction, and their own music performance ventures and experiments.

She recently put out an album in February of 2022, called “Soft Animal”— an indie pop album about exploring the effects of trauma on self perception and interpersonal relationships. She has been creating music under “fig” since 2016; her classical voice juxtaposed with pop beats parallel the duality of her traditional Catholic upbringing and queer radicalism.

Fig dreams of a day where those two aren’t seen as conflicting. Biblically, figs are dualistic. They’re prosperous as often as their rotting signifies loss. Elizabeth sees her own duality as an internal fight, created because of society's expectations that we can only be one thing or nothing at all.

Fig is a place to unleash those feelings.

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Antoine Henrotin

he/they, il/iel


Observing and caring for your voice while queering up spaces.


  • Location: Liège, Belgium
  • Languages: French, English
  • Other Specialties: Speech, language and voice therapy: voice pathology, singing and speaking voice health, swallowing dysfunctions, voice therapy and communication rehabilitation for people with neurological diseases. Voice health management for singers and singing students.

I’m a queer SLP and eternal student. I specialized in voice therapy at the University of Liège (Uliège) and I’m preparing a PhD there about gender-affirming vocal therapy. I’m currently working on publishing my master's thesis “Switching gendered vocal motor behaviour, a self-study design”, to complete a gender studies degree. My goals are to help the trans community and my patients to the best of my capacity and queering up the research methodology. I’m from the academic world and I’m trying to open the field to trans knowledge in order to improve the care we provide. One of my main interests is phonation physiology and how different vocal motor behaviour produce distinctive acoustical outcomes.

Personally, I use several voices throughout my day because I have learned to feminize and masculinize my voice to best fit my mood and then apply the techniques with my patients and students. I’m also a singer for musical theatre and operetta. I love to connect the voice with the body that produces it and surprise students with how good they already are without acknowledging it.

Contact Antoine

Erin Bardua



My approach is student-led and evidence-based with an emphasis on consent, inclusion, and accessibility in the studio, rehearsal, and performance.


  • Location: Atlantic Canada
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Technique for singers of Western classical, jazz, music theatre, and commercial styles; acting and communicative performance for singers and voice users
  • Website: www.erinbardua.com

Soprano Erin Bardua is a soloist, voice teacher, and stage director. Erin's practice as an artist encompasses new composition, early music, the work of historically excluded and underrepresented artists, musical theatre, and commercial styles. Recent highlights have included works by Missy Mazzoli, 17th century Benedictine nuns, and herself; a fully-staged and pandemic-masked production of Fun Home (as Helen), and film versions of short operas like "Mirror, mirror" by Anna Pidgorna (as the Mother/Evil Queen) and "December", a queer holiday romcom by Monica Pearce (as Julia). Erin has been on faculty at Mount Allison University, teaching applied voice and lyric diction; she has also stage directed the Opera Workshop and assistant-directed in the Drama department. In all her work, Erin focuses on helping artists use their voice as singers, communicators, and humans with autonomy and agency in their creative work. Her private studio welcomes singers and voice users at all levels of experience.

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Christopher Donoso



My goal is to give people the tools they need to modify their voice, both with me and on their own, and to have fun doing it!


  • Location: Online for New Jersey and New York Residents
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Special Education, Pediatric Therapy, Voice therapy, Feeding & Swallowing, Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Website: www.cdspeech.com

Chris Donoso (he/him) is an ASHA certified queer speech-language pathologist (SLP), licensed in New Jersey and New York. He specializes in pediatric language services, alternative communication, feeding and swallowing disorders, voice disorders, and gender affirming voice modification. During his graduate program, he learned about voice modification therapy, and wanted to learn more about providing that service for his community. Not being able to find a placement to learn how to provide gender affirming voice care, he started his own private practice and learned from people in the community and service providers from around the country. He truly believes that learning never stops and continues to expand his knowledge and experience within the realm of voice through vocal training from different providers, research, and speaking with voice & singing professionals from the LGBTQIA+ community. He strives to provide quality therapy that is both affordable and accessible. Outside of his work, he enjoys playing video games, tabletop games, gardening, exercising with friends, and watching movies (usually horror).

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Simon Roy



My broadcasting and theatre background gives me a unique perspective on gender and voice. Let’s work together to give you the confidence and presence you’re looking for in a safe and inclusive environment.


  • Location: Odawa/Ottawa
  • Languages: English, some French
  • Other Specialties: broadcast voiceover, cartoon voicework, theatre training, improv, script interpretation

Hi there! I’m a queer, non-binary voice artist and voice coach with 20 years of broadcasting experience in Canadian radio and television as an audio editor, copywriter, on-air talent and voice artist. I have a theater background as a Sudbury Secondary School Performing Arts alumni and have worked as a sound designer for community theater at Ottawa Little Theatre and The Gladstone. Between 2014 to 2019, I taught Voiceover 101, Cartoon Voiceover 101 and Radio Play courses via The Acting Company in Ottawa. I’ve coached hundreds of people on recording technique and script interpretation over the last 20 years, and I am now very happy to add my experience working with Renee on their Learn To Teach Trans Voice Alteration course to my repertoire!

I’m currently undergoing my own gender journey with testosterone, and excited to give others the same affirmation and comfort I feel as my own voice continues to develop and change. While I do have some formal music training, my voice coaching isn’t centered around music as much as play and intention. My style is silly and sincere; expect odd noises, funny faces, and the occasional heart to heart conversation. I'd like to help you achieve your goals in whatever way I’m capable of providing.

When I’m not making strange voices for a living, you’ll find me on the ED&I Team at my day job, riding and/or fixing bikes, and out in the garden, forever trying to stake my rambling tomato vines.

Contact Simon

Gillian Omotoso



Your voice is yours to make as much as it is yours to meet.


  • Location: Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA
  • Languages: English (native), French (C1), Spanish (B2), Italian (B1), German (B1)

Gillian Omotoso is a writer, musician, occasional public speaker, and voice feminization teacher for Modulation Institute. She is based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and has cultivated her own feminized speaking and singing voice since 2017, beginning her medical transition in November 2016 at age 19. She has found it a dynamic and continuous process that takes diligence and persistence, but also levity and exploration. She believes voice feminization to be a revolutionary way to augment and take ownership of one’s voice. Musically and vocally Gillian has studied much on her own, though also under classical tutors, as well as pop and rock specialized teachers, and has studied under pioneering voice feminization teachers Zheanna Erose and Zoey Alexandria, as well as others. To her, voice feminization as a tool and means of expression and augmentation is a beautiful and enlightening journey.

Contact Gillian

Alison Hiester



I’m committed to empowering you with individualized instruction, guided practice, and encouraging feedback to facilitate the development of your authentic voice in the healthiest way possible!


  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP) licensed in PA, CO, and OR, Online Only
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: ADHD, Stuttering/Fluency, Physiological / Clinical Voice Disorders, Professional Speaking, Speech Sound Disorders

Alison (she/ her) has been an SLP in the US for over 20 years. She resides in Pittsburgh, PA, and is currently licensed in the states of PA, CO, and OR. Her background includes language and speech sound disorders, accent modification, stuttering, public speaking, cognitive behavioural therapy, and voice. Alison enjoys being a lifelong learner, and through further training and exploration, she’s found her passion for gender-affirming voice therapy. Alison takes pride in a clinical style which focuses on integrative, compassionate care. She strives to provide her clients with a safe space that encourages self-care, discovery, and creativity. When Alison isn’t with her clients or behind the lens of her camera, she can be found climbing rock walls, loudly making music, volunteering at the Clemente Museum, writing, playing with dogs, cooking for those she loves, or exploring her city and beyond. Alison is neurodivergent (ADHD) and feels especially fulfilled by helping humans to love themselves first as they uncover their strengths... as well as their voices.

Contact Alison

Camille Rogers



Committed to offering an accepting and exploratory space for students and musicians of all levels to develop holistically


  • Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: classical music & musical theatre
  • Website: camillerogers.ca

Camille Rogers (they/them) currently studies at the University of Toronto, pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts with a Collaborative Specialization in Sexual Diversity Studies.  Their research, supported by the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, investigates how problematic historical works of music theatre can be transformed and made relevant to today’s audiences through the bodies of modern queer performers.  Camille has also been recognized for their work as Co-Artistic Director of Toronto’s queer opera collective OperaQ, and has been invited to speak at related events hosted by Against the Grain Theatre, Amplified Opera, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, and VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto.

 Onstage, Camille has been praised for their “tremendous stage presence” and “real flair for comedy” (Operaramblings).  Their “gossamer mezzo-soprano” (Mooney on Theatre) has been described as “even-keeled and grounded even in times of intense physicality” (Schmopera).  Camille most recently appeared as Suli/Suzie in Buddies in Bad Times’s world premiere of Pomegranate, and as Aeneas in Dido and Aeneas with OperaQ.  Other past engagements include the role of Lake in FAWN's collectively improvised techno opera Belladonna, Young Girl in The Marriage of Figaro with Opera Atelier, and the title role of L’Italiana in Algeri with MYOpera.  Camille has been featured as a soloist with the Toronto Bach Festival and has presented solo recitals with Centric MusicFest and Lethbridge Pride Fest.  Camille holds both a Master of Music and a Master of Arts in Musicology from the University of Toronto.

Contact Camille

Ty Duong



Providing a safe, explorative space to foster our queer identities in music and voice.


  • Location: Vienna, VA, USA
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Piano, singing voice, singing while on testosterone
  • Website: tyduong.wixsite.com/tytytofu

Ty (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, neurodivergent lesbian that lives in Vienna, Virginia, US. Ty studied to be a music teacher by earning their BM in Music Education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Ty Graduated with honors in May 2020. Their primary instrument is piano, secondary is flute. Ty has been involved in many different music ensembles over the years including marching band, concert band, jazz ensembles, various honors choirs, jazz acapella, musical theater, and more. Through their studies, Ty has learned to play many many MANY instruments at a fundamental level. Currently, Ty is working for Your Lessons Now LLC, an online lesson program that focuses on voice alterations for transgender folks. Ty has been working with them since January 2021 and was trained in voice alteration. Ty works from home in their home studio and also assists a local marching band program. In their free time, some of Ty's interests include seeing BTS live, watching anime, playing Nintendo video games, and playing with their pet rats :)

Contact Ty

Erik Leuthäuser



I'm a queer/gay cis man with a jazz background. I bring a musical perspective to teaching trans voice alteration.


  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Languages: German, English
  • Other Specialties: jazz
  • Website: erik-leuthaeuser.de/

Erik Leuthäuser is an award-winning young German singer/songwriter/arranger/teacher based in Berlin using his native language and electronics to create his own concept of music somewhere between modern jazz and experimental pop. Based on his experiences as a young gay man in a big city such as Berlin the only way to be is honest and dedicated: In life and in music.

In May 2018 he released his 2nd studio record "Wünschen" on the prestigious record label MPS. Produced by American bass player Greg Cohen featuring Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar) and Joey Baron (drums). He won several international jazz prizes e.g. 1st prize of the Ella Fitzgerald Vocal Jazz Competition 2018. Furthermore he sang background for Quincy Jones, George Benson, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Jacob Collier.

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Edith Boucher-Hazelton

any pronouns (they/she/he)


My teaching studio is a safe and accessible space for you to find your voice by learning tools and skills that are gender-affirming and create a sense of euphoria. 


  • Location: New York, NY, USA & Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Languages: English, French
  • Other Specialties: singing, piano, cello, upright bass, ukulele, swing dancing
  • Website: www.edithboucherhazelton.com/

Edith Boucher-Hazelton is a queer and gender non-conforming singer, instrumentalist, dancer, and gender-affirming voice teacher.

Edith has nearly a decade of experience teaching what they love: music and movement. They have a passion for all the ways we can express ourselves through our bodies. They received a bachelor's degree in jazz voice from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, and regularly perform in jazz clubs and concert halls throughout Canada and the US. Edith also performs and teaches swing dancing. Informed by their own journey of understanding and exploring their gender, Edith's trans voice coaching offers a mindful and joyful approach to learning how to alter our speaking voices to feel more like ourselves as we navigate the gendered world we live in.

Edith splits their time in between Montreal (their hometown) and New York City. In their free time, they enjoy doing yoga, nail art, and gardening.

Contact Edith

Robin Love



I teach from a trauma-informed, somatic, and playful approach that aims to guide students toward the discovery of their own authentic forms of vocal expression.


  • Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: singing
  • Website: www.robinlove.ca/voice

Robin Love is a vocal coach and multidisciplinary artist based in Montréal, Canada whose ongoing artistic and vocal practices stem from a curiosity in the nature of process and an ongoing exploration of the myriad possibilities of being. Robin has created vocal exploration workshops in partnership with Project 10 Montréal for queer youth, as well as for the Trent Centre for Women and Trans People in Peterborough, Ontario.

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Tanya Nielsen



Let’s discover and love your new voice together!


  • Location: Online only
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Other Specialties: Music production, Songwriting, Creative expression through music and dance
  • Website: tanyanielsen.com

Hi! I’m Tanya. I’m a professional singer and songwriter with degrees in Music and Education from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a diploma in Composition from Grant MacEwan University, my home town, Edmonton Alberta. I’ve written and produced 2 full length albums throughout the years and have performed throughout the city of Montreal and other cities in Canada. I have been a school music teacher for over 6 years and private music and voice coach for over 15 years. Although my training is in jazz and classical, my main teaching area in private coaching has been in pop singing and songwriting. 

In my lessons I focus on helping and guiding my students explore their musical abilities and set them up to reach their tailored singing and/or voice goals from all levels. 

After recently completing the Trans Voice Alteration course offered by Renée Yoxon, I have gained a great amount of knowledge in vocal anatomy and exercises for transitioning voices - voice feminization, masculinization and neutralization. It is important for my students to know that their own unique set of goals are the focus of each lesson and it is my job to coach them along the way.  As a trans voice teacher, I prioritize a safe and encouraging environment for gender - affirming vocal exploration during lessons. I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Tanya

Kassy Coleman



I focus on guiding the person with the voice (YOU) to the core of yourself and what YOU want out of YOUR voice. 


  • Location: Madison, WI, USA
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Voice pedagogy, anatomy, an ERYT 500 and a level 2 Reiki practitioner. 
  • Website: jkcreativepractices.com

Kassy Coleman has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, both in vocal performance.  Kassy is also a 500-hour E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) with over 2500 hours of teaching experience. Kassy is the creator and co-owner of JK Creative Practices where she teaches singers, yogis and voice-users of all ages.  She has developed a method of training singers, teachers and voice-users called The Elevated Voice Method that embraces the person as a whole, not just a voice.  She has offered workshops all over Wisconsin at universities and studios and in New York City with her mentor Dr Joan Melton.  Ms Coleman’s intention as a teacher, leader and guide is to offer tools that will empower everyone who works with her.

Contact Kassy

Judette Elliston



My ethos as a teacher is to give my students the tools to develop a voice they can use every day that aligns with their gender identity and brings them joy! 


  • Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: vocal technique, songwriting, and composition, vocal improvisation (jazz and circle singing techniques), jazz and pop/rock piano, music theory, and ear training.
  • Website: judetteelliston.com

Judette Elliston (she/her) is a vocalist, composer, and teaching artist who uses music not only as a form of creative expression but as a tool to foster community and connection. Currently, Elliston has a private studio of voice and piano students and teaches vocal jazz workshops for Afterwork Theatre. More recently, Elliston has begun to integrate gender-affirming voice work into her teaching practice. Whether she’s teaching a room of twenty or a one-on-one lesson, Judette strives to create spaces of generosity and mentorship in her teaching practice. An active bandleader and side-woman, she has performed at venues and festivals such as Lincoln Center, The Victoria Jazz Festival, Williamsburg Music Center, and Dodge 112. In addition to performing her compositions with her quartet, Judette leads a Haitian folk music project that blends traditional Haitian songs with contemporary jazz. Judette holds a BFA with honors from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Contact Judette

Mahalia Tahririha



Empowering authentic speech, voice and communication through inclusive and compassion-centered care.


  • Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Languages: English, French
  • Other Specialties: Physiological Vocal Pathologies, Voice difficulties secondary to Neurodegenerative Diseases (Parkinson’s, ALS, MS), Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia), Aphasia Language and Communication Rehabilitation, and Fluency (Stuttering) 

Mahalia is a Persian & Filipina speech-language pathologist, theatre and voice actor, and community member who strives to provide affirming and empowering speech, voice, language, communication and swallowing services throughout the lifespan.

Mahalia has over a decade of training and experience as a professional voice user, has worked on stages across so-called “Canada” and is a Rideau Award-winning and Montreal English Theatre Award-nominated artist. She holds a Master’s in Theatre from the University of Ottawa and a Master’s of Applied Science in Speech-Language Pathology from McGill University.

She is currently living and working as an uninvited guest on the lands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations, in “Vancouver”.

Compassion-centered care, authentic self-expression and inclusive communication lie at the heart of Mahalia’s approach to health care, education and private voice services.

Contact Mahalia

Talia Fuchs



My aim as an educator is to empower students with tools and knowledge to develop the voice they want in a playful and exploratory environment.


  • Location: Westmount, QC, Canada
  • Languages: English, French
  • Other Specialties: vocal cross-training, opera/western classical technique,  Broadway/belt technique, improvisation. Workshop facilitator with the LGBT+ Family Coalition.
  • Website: facebook.com/foxvox.music

Talia Fuchs is a New York born, Montreal based music educator, vocal instructor, singer, improviser, composer, and theatre artist. An avid performer of contemporary music, she is known for integrating operatic and contemporary vocal styles, theatrical training, and improvisational exploration. This interdisciplinary approach extends to her vocal studio, where she has been teaching and singing a variety of styles, from classical to pop, for over 5 years. Additionally, she draws from her decade-long study of stagecraft to help students develop as performers and interpreters. She has taught group classes and private voice lessons for all ages and levels. Her lessons are based on the joyful exploration of sound, rooted in an understanding of the voice, mind, and body, and focused on helping each student discover their unique voice and artistry.

Contact Talia

Camila Amaranta Arce Arancibia



I invite you to develop and explore your voice together in an accepting space from and for people in our community.


  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Other Specialties: Whistle voice, working with young children, vocal technique based on physiology

Professional singer graduated from Instituto Profesional Escuela Moderna de Música y Danza, Chile. Certified in levels I, II and III of Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, USA . Level I of Modern Vocal Training, Spain. Has taken courses on vocal pedagogy, vocal coaching, rehabilitación, vocal technique, digital pedagogy, vocal identity and others. Experience teaching voice/singing to children from ages 7 up to adults and music classes to toddlers. Lead singer in Futuralgia, back up singer. Worked as a voice instructor at School of Rock. Founder of Coro Queer Chile, the first queer choir in this country. Certified vocologist, Summer Vocology Institute, July 2022.

Contact Camila

Mathieu Meurier



I’m a trans, queer, online vocal coach with a diploma in speech therapy with a special interest in human voice.


  • Location: Online only
  • Languages: French, English
  • Other Specialties: Vocal coaching, speech therapy
  • Website: linktr.ee/MathieuMeurier

I was trained by speech therapists all round Belgium and France. I specialized in vocal training during my studies and I published my final essay on “the vocal masculinization of transmasculine people with and without hormones”. I’m a digital nomad : I travel a lot so I work at the moment only online, with people living mostly in Europe, in French islands and on the American continent. I work mainly with trans* and/or non-binary people, but I am open to cisgender people who want to work on their spoken / singing voice.

I have ASD and ADHD : I am safe and informed concerning neuroatypies and disabilities.

I have also a French Instagram and Tiktok account on which I give some advices and try to raise awareness : @transphonie

Contact Mathieu

Brittney Martin



I am dedicated to fostering a partnership with each student and providing them with gentle guidance toward discovering a voice they love.


  • Location: Online only
  • Languages: English
  • Other Specialties: Voice therapy, American accent training
  • Website: lovingyourvoice.com

Brittney is a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP) in the US. She has a background in adult and geriatric cognitive communication disorders, swallowing disorders, speech sound disorders, fluency, voice disorders, gender-affirming voice training, and American English pronunciation training. Brittney currently serves US veterans through the Veterans Health Administration and is working to increase the number of transgender and gender non-conforming veterans who participate in gender-affirming voice care. She provides gender-affirming voice and accent training services to the general public through her private practice.

When she’s not being an SLP, Brittney volunteers as an LGBTQ+ crisis counselor and also fosters pit bulls through a local rescue. Living as a neurodivergent person (ADHD) in a neurotypical world, she is naturally drawn to people and animals who are misunderstood or stigmatized. Brittney’s highly empathetic and compassionate personality helps her to individualize each student’s pathway toward meeting their goals. Ultimately, she always hopes to incorporate healing into everything she does.

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