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National AccessAbility Week: Artistic Showcase - Art as Protest

    I worked for DAWN Canada for three years as their communications officer. My time there is one of the primary reasons that disability rights are so close to my heart. I left six months ago so I was thrilled when they asked me to be a part of this year's National AccessAbility Week artisti...

FACTOR 101: Info Session for Women & Gender Minorities

A year ago, I received my very first FACTOR grant - a humble $2000 for the marketing of my music. With that grant, I created the music video for my song Addicted and finally released my fourth album, Beautiful Alchemy (which is the soundtrack to Teagan Lance's film of the same name). Becau...

Disability, arts practice, and COVID-19 in Quebec

    When Quebec's English Language Arts Network posted their job posting looking for someone to write an article on disability, arts practice, and COVID-19 in Quebec, several people in my community sent me the posting telling me that I seemed perfect for the job. I don't consider myself a fre...