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Use the mixing board to describe your trans voice! mix & match: designing your nonbinary voice nonbinary voice pitch resonance sentence contour vocal weight voice feminization voice masculinization Jun 24, 2024

So you know you have voice dysphoria, but you’re struggling to describe in specific terms what you don’t like about your own voice and what you do like about the voices of others. I’ve got a tool for you!

Last month, I released a new course called Mix & Match: Designing Your...

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Dynamic Range in Transgender Voice Training nonbinary voice sentence contour voice feminization voice masculinization Dec 11, 2023

Hey there, trans voice friends! Today, I'm diving into the intriguing concept of dynamic range, a facet of our voices that plays a significant role in how we express ourselves. It's a little tricky to put into words, but think of it as the pitch variability that comes into play during speech....

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Beyond Binary: Crafting Your Own Androgynous Sound nonbinary voice pitch resonance sentence contour vocal weight Oct 11, 2023

Hello there, I'm Renée, a gender-affirming voice teacher, and today, I want to delve into a question that I often hear: "Is it possible to get an androgynous voice?" The short answer is yes, but let's break it down further.

You see, achieving an androgynous voice is indeed possible, but...

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Level up your inflection practice: The Harvard Sentences nonbinary voice sentence contour voice feminization voice masculinization Mar 06, 2023

In my last video, we were talking about masculinizing or feminizing inflection, and you might be wondering, "How do I practice this?"

I usually advise students to start with sentences that they use all the time like "How do you take your coffee?" or "How did you sleep?" or "Has the dog eaten...

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That's unbelieeeevable! (Masculinizing Inflection) exercise sentence contour voice masculinization Mar 02, 2023

When we talk about inflection, we're talking about emphasizing certain words in a sentence to give that sentence meaning. English is a highly inflected language, so sometimes the meaning of a sentence can change when you add emphasis to one word or another. For example, the sentence "I never...

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Dynamic range and the gender perception of the voice exercise nonbinary voice sentence contour voice feminization voice masculinization Dec 05, 2022

 Hello, trans voice friends! Today, I want to talk about the concept of dynamic range.

Dynamic range is a little hard to describe, but it's related to the characteristic of inflection. It depends on how much pitch variability there is when we inflect during speech. This can be a gendered...

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