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Use the mixing board to describe your trans voice! mix & match: designing your nonbinary voice nonbinary voice pitch resonance sentence contour vocal weight voice feminization voice masculinization Jun 24, 2024

So you know you have voice dysphoria, but you’re struggling to describe in specific terms what you don’t like about your own voice and what you do like about the voices of others. I’ve got a tool for you!

Last month, I released a new course called Mix & Match: Designing Your...

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A new way to track your trans voice practice! (FREE DOWNLOAD) motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Apr 17, 2024

Put a finger down if you hate listening to recordings of yourself and everyone is telling you that you have to make regular voice recordings in order to track practice

Hi, I’m Renée, I’m a gender-affirming voice teacher and if you also put a finger down, I hear you! My students...

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Can We Talk Raspyness? nonbinary voice vocal weight voice feminization voice masculinization Apr 12, 2024

So there I was, streaming live on TikTok, engaging with an enthusiastic crowd of students and voice aficionados, when I received a particularly intriguing question that sparked quite a discussion: "How can I make my voice more raspy?"

It's not every day that someone wants to add a bit of gravel...

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Are you breathing too deeply?? exercise nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Apr 10, 2024

Hello, lovely readers! Today, I come bearing insights that might just transform the way you approach your voice training sessions. I’m Renée, your guide through the intricate world of gender-affirming voice training, and I need to share something very important! Have you...

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Finding Your Voice: A Guide to Starting Your Trans Voice Training Journey motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Mar 15, 2024

Welcome, friends! Today, we're answering a question that I get asked in every single TikTok Live that I do, "I'm newly out as trans, where do I start on my voice training journey?"

1. Embracing Your Unique Voice Path

In my last TikTok live, a user named LunarOracleUWU shared that she...

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Let SPITE Be Your Voice Coach 🔥🔥🔥 motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Mar 06, 2024

Hey there! I’m Renée, your go-to gender-affirming voice teacher. Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s a tad more serious than my usual fare, but don’t worry—I promise to keep it light. So, you’re standing at a crossroads: one path leads you to modify...

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