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gender mindful voice feminization trans vocal exploration ecourse trans voice trans voice basics mini-course Feb 27, 2023

If you're working on modifying your voice to better align with your gender presentation, then you are probably already used to using a tuner to track pitch (how high or how low a voice is). A lot of my students report being frustrated that there isn't a way to track the resonance (how bright or dark a voice is). A student of mine recently showed me a really cool new tool that I just have to share you! It's a website called AcousticGender.Space

If you watch the video above, I've included a demonstration of me using it. Basically the way it works is that you upload a recording of your voice saying a transcript that they have pre-loaded. When you upload the recording of your voice, it analyzes the clip on two axis. The pitch is in the y axis and the resonance is in the x axis. In the example I provide in the video above, I put a mix of masculine and feminine sounds so you could see how it jumps all over the place.

This tool is really good at tracking pitch, just like a tuner. I don't know how perfect it is at tracking resonance, but I can definitely see that there is a difference between my feminine voice and my masculine voice. In some moments on certain letters and certain consonants, it catches a brighter resonance or a darker resonance than the overall picture. At one point you might see it jump into the super bright part, even when I'm speaking in a dark way, so take this measurement with a grain of salt. It's not 100% perfect but I do think it's a good tool just to get a sense of where you are at different points in your voice.

If you're looking to find this tool go to: acousticgender.space !

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