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"I want my voice to be like a bra"

trans voice Dec 01, 2022

 So, not all of my students are taking lessons with me because they have severe voice dysphoria. Some people take trans voice lessons because they want to create a voice they can use when they're out and about, when they're around strangers, mainly as a safety measure so that they can be gendered correctly when they're around people who don't know them that well.

I had a student explain it to me in the cutest way, and I had to share it with you. She said, "Renée, I want my voice to be like a bra. I want to be able to put it on in the morning, have it support me throughout the day, and then when I get home, I'm around people I'm comfortable with, my family and friends, I can take it off and not think about it until the next day." And I just thought that was so cute.

In this work, not everything has to change the core or the essence of who we are. Sometimes it's about having something we can put on when we need it. So, I wanted to ask you, is this work about combating voice dysphoria, which is a fine reason to do this? Or is it about just having a tool that you can use when you're around strangers, which also might be about dysphoria, but maybe like a different flavour? 

Let me know in the comments on TikTok: what are the reasons that you're doing your trans voice work?

Hi, I'm Renée! (they/them)

I'm a queer, nonbinary, and disabled singer, songwriter and gender-affirming voice teacher. 

I've been a voice teacher for over twelve years, I have four full-length albums out, and I have degrees in physics, jazz, and songwriting.

I love creating, I love figuring things out, but most of all, I love helping people.

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