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Podcast Interview: QueerCME Vodcast with Dr. Crystal Beal (they/themme)

interviews Nov 29, 2023
Podcast episode: vocal transition with Renée Yoxon


The other day I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Crystal Beal (they/themme), of the QueerCME Vodcast. They are a gender-affirming care provider, and the founder of QueerDoc, which provides queer and gender-affirming telemedicine by LGBTQ+ identified healthcare providers.

The interview emphasizes the nuanced and personalized nature of trans voice work, considering individual identities, challenges in accessing experienced professionals, and promoting diversity and acceptance in voice expression.

Here's a summary of what we discussed:

  • Discussion on voice training goals for transgender individuals.
  • Exploration of vocal resonance, pitch, and vocal weight in the context of gender expression.
  • Individualized approaches to voice training based on personal goals and preferences.
  • The role of language, linguistic factors, and accents in voice training.
  • Consideration of the intersectionality of identity, including gender, neurodiversity, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Challenges in finding experienced Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) with expertise in trans voice work.
  • Addressing stereotypes and criticisms related to voice modification.
  • Acknowledging the diversity of expressions and experiences within the trans community.
  • Highlighting the importance of examining motivations for voice training.
  • Strategies for maintaining consistency in using the target voice in various situations.

You can listen on the episode SpotifyAppleGoogle, or watch on YouTube or above.

Get a transcript of the episode here: https://www.queercme.com/podcasts/queercme-vodcast/episodes/2148322875

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