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The PITCH Question

nonbinary pitch voice feminization voice masculinization Dec 19, 2022

So, you're interested in learning to raise or lower the baseline pitch of your voice, but how much and where do you even start?

Pitch is an interesting characteristic because most people have an average pitch around which they speak, however, some people use a wide variety of pitches and others don't. We looked at this in the Dynamic Range video that I posted a few days ago.

On top of that average pitch, as a sex-determined characteristic, is distributed bimodally, which means there are two bell curves that overlap. There may be general average pitch ranges where the majority of cis men and women sit, but there is tons of overlap. And there are people of all genders all over the pitch distribution.

So what does this mean for you?

Should you raise or lower your pitch? I say give it a go!

The process of raising or lowering your pitch will give you, at the very least, valuable information about your instrument. And you might find that other characteristics, such as resonance and vocal fold mass are easier to manipulate or can be modified differently at different pitch values.

Later this week, I'll post an exercise for determining your baseline pitch, so stick around for that.

Hi, I'm Renée! (they/them)

I'm a queer, nonbinary, and disabled singer, songwriter and gender-affirming voice teacher. 

I've been a voice teacher for over twelve years, I have four full-length albums out, and I have degrees in physics, jazz, and songwriting.

I love creating, I love figuring things out, but most of all, I love helping people.

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