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Trans Voice Practice Hurdles: Silliness

trans voice Sep 19, 2022

 For my next couple of posts, I want to talk about the reasons why people resist starting a trans voice practice. There's a little bit of a psychological hurdle that can impede the beginning of a practice and there are very simple ways to get over that.

So today, I want to talk about the bounds of silliness.

I often hear from students just starting out that a voice practice is very silly. And beginner singers say this as well! It is objectively a silly thing to practice, but it can be really hard if you have no experience being silly or if being silly makes you feel deep shame or embarrassment. It can be very challenging to get over that so that you can have productive practice.

So, with that in mind, I want to talk about a few safe ways to grow the bounds of silliness in your life.

The first thing is to read books or plays out loud. It's especially good if you can read books to children because it's expected for you to make a silly voice. But even if you're alone, reading books out loud and trying to act it out a little bit can just be a way to feel more comfortable with being silly.

The next way is speaking through your pet. If you have a cat or a dog, or a fish, or a lizard, if you make a silly voice for your pet, as many people do naturally when they're talking to their animal, this is a really sweet and innocent way to increase the bounds of silliness in your life.

If you're feeling really spicy, you can maybe get some puppets. Puppets are another fun way to increase the bounds of silliness. You're not just being silly, you have a puppet and it's being silly.

So those are three ways you can increase the bounds of silliness in your life. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave them in the comments on tiktok!

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