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When will my target voice come naturally?

trans voice May 26, 2022

On instagram, mort_de_lire said:

"Something you've mentioned in several videos is getting into your target voice. Is there a point where it comes naturally and you don't have to think about it anymore?"

This is a totally understandable question, especially at the beginning of your voice practice. When first starting out, it takes so much cognitive energy to create your target voice that it can feel totally unsustainable and something you would never be able to do every day forever.

The good news is, that over time, you will develop muscle memory so that getting and staying in your target voice is quick, easy, and effortless.

Let's compare it to playing the piano. When someone first starts to learn to play the piano, they have to think about each note of the page, compare that to its location on the piano keyboard, and then decide which finger they're going to use to play that note and how they're going to move that finger to get there. It's so many steps!

However, after many years of playing the piano, you develop muscle memory and endurance, and you no longer have to think about each individual note. Playing the piano happens in one fluid motion.

This process is true of learning to do anything, big or small. We go through this when we learn to walk, when we learn to do chores like the dishes or laundry or making the bed, right down to making our coffee or tea in the morning.

You may not remember a time when doing the laundry was a heavy cognitive burden, but there was a point where you had to think about each individual step. Now, I bet you could do it in your sleep!

The same will become true of your target voice. Someday you will hardly remember a time when it was difficult. It's very important to remember that humans overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime. Stay patient, stay the course, and get those months and years under your belt. The time is going to pass anyway!

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