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9 non-binary TikTokers you need to follow

trans Mar 31, 2022

It is trans day of Visibility. Yay! And on this Trans Day of Visibility, I wanted to talk about some TikTokers that I particularly love. I have a soft spot, my heart for the they/thems (because I am a they/them) so I want to share with you some non-binary TikTokers that really inspire me.

Caveat! I don't actually know if all these people identify as either non-binary or trans, but these are people who use they pronouns.

1. Marquis Neal

Marquis Neal is a fashion TikToker and Instagrammer and I particularly love their fashions inspired by food since I'm a big fan of breakfast hehe

@marquimode i hope you get something tasty for breakfast today 🍳 #outfitideas #fashion #nonbinaryfashion #foodtok #clothinghasnogender #chubbyfit #breakfast ♬ Conceited (There's Something About Remy) - Remy Ma

2. King Femme

King Femme is a queer Jewish person of color, amazing fashion icon, drag performer, just all-around amazing person.

@kingfemme It really do be like dat #fyp #femme #lgbt #trans #ShowUsYourDrawers #MaiselChallenge #nonbinary #transgender #topsurgery #hrt #testosterone ♬ original sound - Lionsgate

3. Dibs Fitness

My good friend Dibs is a non-binary, trans individual who makes a lot of trans-specific fitness content. They recently released a free guide to binding safely.

@dibsfitness follow @dibs_pt on IG for more tips #postoprecovery #mastectomy #doublemastectomy #topsurgeryftm #chestsurgery #topsurgeryrecovery ♬ Work Out (Talkbox) - Adam Tahere

4. Ryan Ken

Ryan Ken is an actor, comedian, and writer. I found Ryan when this absolutely hilarious TikTok went viral. It's a must-watch and a God-tier trans joke.

@ryan_ken_acts Repost: The townspeople talking to Beast after the curse is broken #CloroxMistChallenge #fyp #comedy #satire #foryou ♬ original sound - Ryan Ken

5. Matisse DuPont

Matisse DuPont,is an amazing TikToker, Instagrammer, educator about all things queer and all things gender. They have cool programs and they offer gender consultations!



♬ original sound - Max Fosh

6. Nikki Palumbo

Nikki is a comedian, fellow Capricorn and they recently did a deadpan month of jokes "Dry January", which was excellent.

@nikkipalumbo Reply to @dumbass_with_dogs ♬ original sound - Nikki Palumbo

7. BiG SiSSY

BiG SiSSY is drag performer from Montreal who runs an event called Afro Drag, which is so cool and I cannot wait to go check it out when it next happens!

@da_bigsissy Afro Drag Edition III#greenscreen #blackhistorymonth #drag #dragqueen #nonbinary #binary #mtl #dabigsissy #blackcanadian #queer #trans ♬ 90s House - Deep House Mix - Workout Music Gym & Tabata Songs & House Mix 2021

8. Tia Nash

Tia Nash is a NOLA-based queer wedding photographer and self-employment guru and they great gender-affirming content like this:

@tia.nash 🌈 wedding photographer here with the gender affirming tips #affirming #weddingphotographer ♬ Судно (Борис Рижий) - Molchat Doma

9. Sabine

Sabine is a cripple punk, queer trans individual who makes these studded canes and I just think they're so cool. We met way, way back in the Tumblr days and they're still doing amazing things years later.

@sabinemags Folks were asking about fully spiked foldable canes so here it is! #disabledtiktok #fypシ #accessibility #babeswithmobilityaids #adaptablefashion ♬ Fancy Like - Walker Hayes

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