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What does "transition" mean to me? general trans advice life Apr 15, 2024

I am a nonbinary transgender individual and today I want to talk about what “transition” means to me.

I started identifying as genderqueer when I was about 18 years old and at that time the word “nonbinary” wasn’t in common parlance and there was virtually no...

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Why Bother Trans Voice Training? general trans advice Mar 27, 2024

Why do we work on changing our voice? Why not just accept our “actual” voice?

I got a comment on YouTube the other day that I’m certain meant to troll my account, but I want to answer this person’s question in good faith.

They said:

“Why aren’t we teaching...

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Let’s Do a Spring Ritual Together 🌷 general trans advice Mar 25, 2024

The curtain has finally closed on winter, and with March 19th marking the first day of spring, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Winter offers us a chance to retreat and recharge, but spring heralds a time for renewal and growth. It's a season that invites us to unfurl and embrace the...

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Hot Take Alert: You Don't Need to be Trans to Transition general trans advice Mar 18, 2024

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you do not need to be trans to transition! The last time I said this, people did not like it!!

But please hear me out!

I obviously believe that you do not need to transition to identify as trans. If you identify as any gender other than the...

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Happy Valentine's Day 🏳️‍⚧️🥰✨ general trans advice motivation Feb 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day! Still don’t have a valentine? Well, don’t worry because I’m here to reveal to you the perfect Valentine. Hi, I’m Renée, I'm a gender-affirming voice teacher, and I’m about to magically reveal your valentine in 3…...

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How to practice your voice when you're not out as trans general trans advice motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Dec 17, 2023

I received a TikTok comment on one of my trans voice educational videos saying "I will never reach my voice goals because I SHARE A ROOM"

I live alone, but I deeply empathize with this person's feelings. You can feel so trapped if you want to make some progress on your transition, but you're...

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