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Volume Knob Exercise (make low notes louder!) masculinize your voice without testosterone trans voice Feb 16, 2024

Hey there, friends! Today, we're talking about a top that comes up often when working on voice masculinization (or making your voice lower for any reason!), and that is the loss of volume that comes with lower notes. This is such a common problem that I actually made an entire lesson about it in...

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Finding Your Deeper Voice Without Sounding Groggy masculinize your voice without testosterone trans voice Jan 08, 2024

So, there I was, hanging out on TikTok Live the other day, casually scrolling through comments and engaging with my audience. As the chat buzzed with questions and anecdotes, one particular comment caught my attention. Someone was sharing their journey of masculinizing their voice, aiming for...

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Lowering Your Larynx: Tube Breathing for Voice Masculinization masculinize your voice without testosterone trans voice Dec 29, 2023

Hey there, fellow voice enthusiasts! If you've been on the journey to masculinize your voice, you've probably stumbled upon the classic "yawning on command" exercise. We all know that when we yawn, our larynx drops, creating a spacious vocal tract. This extra room leads to a deeper, more resonant...

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My trans voice courses are 50% off! masculinize your voice without testosterone mindful voice feminization Nov 22, 2023

It’s Black Friday again y’all and you know what that means! It’s time for my Black Friday Super Sale!!

Two of my full-length courses, Mindful Voice Feminization and Masculinize Your Voice Without Testosterone are 50% off until Thursday, November 30th.

So if price has been an...

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Woofing Like a Dog for Masculinizing Your Voice masculinize your voice without testosterone trans voice Oct 20, 2023

My most viral tiktok of the past year was the one called MEOW, which was all about feminizing your voice by meowing like a cat, and the number one comment I received was "If meowing like a cat works for feminizing your voice, can woofing like a dog work to masculinize your voice?"

And the answer...

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Big Dog Little Dog with Rae from Origami Customs masculinize your voice without testosterone trans voice Aug 17, 2023

Welcome, trans voice explorers! Today, I'm thrilled to share an insightful excerpt from a recent session with Rae, a dedicated student from my course Masculinize Your Voice Without Testosterone, as well as the founder of Origami Customs, a gender-affirming clothing brand out of Montreal. Rae and...

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