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Degendering The Voice #2: Voice Types teacher resources teacher training Sep 15, 2022

Welcome to the second instalment of Degendering The Voice, also known as BIOLOGICAL ESSENTIALISM MAKES FOOLS OF US ALL!

I created this series to help voice teachers like choral directors and private singing instructors create more welcoming teaching environments for trans and nonbinary...

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New: Trans Voice Teacher Directory ✨ nonbinary voice teacher resources teacher training voice feminization voice masculinization Aug 29, 2022

In the past year, I've run my teacher training course, Learn to Teach Trans Voice in 5 Weeks, two times. Both times, I met outstanding voice teachers from all over the world who speak so many different languages and come from a myriad of experiences and backgrounds.

Although the trans voice...

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Degendering The Voice #1: Stop calling it the Adam's Apple teacher resources teacher training Aug 29, 2022

I frequently get asked by voice teachers, like choral directors and singing teachers, how they can create welcoming environments for trans students. I go over all of this in my teacher training course, but I decided to take this opportunity to create a mini-series on the blog called ...

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An overview of my available offerings mindful voice feminization teacher resources teacher training trans vocal exploration ecourse trans voice basics mini-course Aug 24, 2022

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since I released the course that totally changed my life and career, Trans Vocal Exploration. That course launched on September 1st, 2021. Since then, I have created quite a few other offers both free and paid, so I thought it would be good to...

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Register before the clock runs out! teacher training Feb 10, 2022

Registration for the Winter 2022 cohort of my teacher training course, Learn to Teach Trans Voice Alteration in 5 Weeks, closes tonight at midnight!!

I don't know when I'll be running this course again so if you're thinking it might be for you, now is the right time to register.

I was absolutely...

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Watch the Teaching Trans Voice Q&A Replay! interviews teacher training Feb 07, 2022

If you missed last week's Instagram live Teaching Trans Voice Q&A session - never fear! You can watch it right here on this page, read the transcript below, or click here to watch it on Instagram. 

This live was so special because I had FOUR previous course participants join me to talk...

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