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New freebie: Degendering Vocal Anatomy Webinar teacher resources Jun 20, 2023

Calling all voice teachers!!

I'm very excited to tell you that I have created my first freebie explicitly for voice professionals who want to create a safer and more welcoming space for their trans and nonbinary students.

Degendering Vocal Anatomy & other trans-specific voice concerns covers...

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Podcast Inteview: The Voicepreneur interviews teacher resources Jun 07, 2023

I had the privilege and pleasure of being on Allie Tyler's show, The Voicepreneur Podcast, a show created for voice teachers who want to grow their teaching business using marketing strategies, purpose-driven business tactics, and their intuition.

We talked about:

  • Transitioning from a...
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Trans Voice Teacher Directory Update! nonbinary voice teacher resources voice feminization voice masculinization Apr 11, 2023

In the last year and a half I have run my course Learn to Teach Trans Voice in 5 Weeks three times. In every run of the course I've met outstanding voice teachers from all over the world who speak so many different languages and come from a myriad of experiences and backgrounds.

Although the...

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Degendering The Voice #2: Voice Types teacher resources teacher training Sep 15, 2022

Welcome to the second instalment of Degendering The Voice, also known as BIOLOGICAL ESSENTIALISM MAKES FOOLS OF US ALL!

I created this series to help voice teachers like choral directors and private singing instructors create more welcoming teaching environments for trans and nonbinary...

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New: Trans Voice Teacher Directory ✨ nonbinary voice teacher resources teacher training voice feminization voice masculinization Aug 29, 2022

In the past year, I've run my teacher training course, Learn to Teach Trans Voice in 5 Weeks, two times. Both times, I met outstanding voice teachers from all over the world who speak so many different languages and come from a myriad of experiences and backgrounds.

Although the trans voice...

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Degendering The Voice #1: Stop calling it the Adam's Apple teacher resources teacher training Aug 29, 2022

I frequently get asked by voice teachers, like choral directors and singing teachers, how they can create welcoming environments for trans students. I go over all of this in my teacher training course, but I decided to take this opportunity to create a mini-series on the blog called ...

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