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My Top Surgery Results After One Year life top surgery Apr 08, 2024

Can you believe it’s been a year since I had top surgery??

One year ago, I had a double mastectomy without nipple grafts at GRS Montreal with Dr. Chen Lee, and it went super smoothly. I was very lucky!

Now it’s been a year, and I’m finally allowed to go shirtless in the sun!!...

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Going Nipple-Free: Why Some Folks Skip Nipples During Top Surgery life top surgery Jun 22, 2023

Top surgery is a transformative and important procedure for transgender and nonbinary individuals seeking a more masculine (or less feminine) chest. While each person's journey is unique, some folks (like me!) opt not to keep their nipples during this process. Below, we're going to look...

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Top 3 things that surprised me about top surgery life top surgery May 25, 2023

I had top surgery six weeks ago. Here are three things that surprised me about top surgery recovery:

1. Better sleep after surgery than before

I had a lot of friends who suffered from insomnia after surgery, but I have chronic pain. I've had chronic pain for 12 years or so and it is exasperated...

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I'm back! My top surgery recovery story life top surgery May 23, 2023

Hey everybody, I'm back! 

I know that for the last 5 weeks, I've been very private about my top surgery journey, but I'm finally ready to open up and share with you how things have been - with pictures!

You can either read the blog below or watch the video above. Enjoy!

I had surgery on...

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My private top surgery recovery feed life top surgery Apr 13, 2023

Hey, everyone. I'm getting top surgery this Friday! This means I'm going to be taking a little bit of a break from content creation and teaching. However, never fear, because I have some little elves who are going to be working behind the scenes to repurpose and repost some content that...

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I'm getting top surgery! life masculinize your voice without testosterone top surgery Apr 01, 2023

Today is April 1st and it's launch day for Masculinize Your Voice Without Testosterone, my latest full length course! I've had lots of people email and DM me to tell me how excited they were about this course, and how they haven't seen a resource like this before. I just wanted to take a moment...

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