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Trans Voice Practice Hurdles: Silliness trans voice Sep 19, 2022

 For my next couple of posts, I want to talk about the reasons why people resist starting a trans voice practice. There's a little bit of a psychological hurdle that can impede the beginning of a practice and there are very simple ways to get over that.

So today, I want to talk about the...

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Low stakes practice: micro-conversations trans voice Sep 12, 2022

Trans voice alteration and singing have a lot in common. They're both voice skills that have to be practised regularly in order to build up muscle, endurance, and flexibility. The end goal for a singing practice is usually a performance of some kind, like an open mic or an audition. However, in...

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Q: Is it worth doing voice masculinization exercises pre-testosterone? trans voice Sep 08, 2022

Hello readers! I recently received this question on TikTok: "Is it even worth doing [voice masculinization exercises] pre-T? I've done everything, gotten my voice into the higher male range on voice tools and it still doesn't pass as cis."

The short answer is: definitely yes! Lots of people who...

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You don't need to be trans to transition trans voice Sep 05, 2022

I've got a scorching hot take for my readers today!

If, like me, you regularly wade in the waters of online trans discourse, then you are probably very familiar with this concept: you don't need to transition to be trans.

I have long been a firm believer in this! You can just know you're not the...

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Happy One Year Anniversary to Trans Vocal Exploration! trans vocal exploration ecourse trans voice Sep 01, 2022

It's hard to believe that it's only been one year since I launched my first e-course, Trans Vocal Exploration. So much has happened in the past twelve months, and my life and work are so completely different that it feels like a lifetime ago.

Last week, I posted a blog post with an overview of...

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Summer 2022 Trans Voice TikTok Compilation! trans voice Aug 31, 2022

We haven't had a compilation in a while! Here are all the TikToks I made since the beginning of June, including some fun bonus bloopers!

Big love and thanks to my wonderful TikTok editor, Teagan. Hire her!!

Here are the timestamps in case you want to find a specific video:

00:00 - Amara’s...

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