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I officiated a lesbian wedding!! life Oct 04, 2023

Is it okay if I get a little personal on main for a second??

The highlight of my summer was officiating the wedding of two of my close friends, who shall remain referred to by their internet aliases, Cupcakedex and Miss_Editor.

If you've been following my videos for a while, you might already...

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Finding Your Voice: How Long is the Gender-Affirming Speech Journey? motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Oct 02, 2023

Hey there, I'm Renée, a gender-affirming voice teacher, and today I want to address a question that many of my students ask: "If I learn to change my voice, will I have to consciously be doing it all the time, or will it just become normal?" It's a valid concern, and I'm here to shed some...

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Mindful Voice Feminization LIVE RUN Starts October 5th! mindful voice feminization Sep 28, 2023

Happy equinox!! Nothing makes me feel like diving into my goals like the changing seasons. This past weekend, I ran my second 5K race!

If one of your goals it work on creating your dream feminine voice, I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be doing a Live Run of ...

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5 ways to TRACK your trans voice practice (+ free templates!!) motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Sep 18, 2023

With my students, something I always recommend is having some method of logging or tracking your practice. I know that everyone has different learning styles and ways of keeping track of things so today I want to give you five different methods for tracking your trans voice practice.


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Can We Normalize Voice Cracking?? motivation nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Aug 28, 2023

Hey there, it's Renée, your friendly neighbourhood gender-affirming voice teacher, coming at you with a message that might just change the way you think about your voice. Whether you're trans, exploring new vocal horizons, or just curious about your vocal anatomy, I've got something...

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How do you become a gender-affirming voice teacher? interviews teacher training Aug 24, 2023

How did I get into teaching gender-affirming voice lessons when I started as a singing teacher?

I'm Renée, and I'm a gender-affirming voice teacher, and recently I was on Allie Tyler's podcast, The Voicepreneur, where she asked me how I got so specific about my voice teaching...

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