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Mental Practice: How to trans voice train in complete silence 🤫 exercise nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Nov 13, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to work on feminizing or masculinizing your voice, but you couldn't make any noise? Maybe you share a room with someone, like a sibling, and you barely have the opportunity to practice. Or perhaps you're not ready to come out yet, and...

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Speak Like a Robot to Isolate Resonance 🤖 nonbinary voice pitch resonance voice feminization voice masculinization Nov 10, 2023

If you're working on trans voice training, you've likely encountered the intriguing yet often tangled concepts of pitch and resonance. Understanding these two elements can be a bit tricky, so let's look into these concepts with some relatable examples. Check out the video above for examples...

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Finding Your Voice: The First Step in Gender-Affirming Voice Training exercise nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Nov 08, 2023

Hey there! I’m Renée, a gender affirming voice teacher, and I recently had a fantastic conversation during one of my TikTok Live sessions. Someone who was new to voice training popped in and asked me the golden question: “What's the very first step I should take in voice...

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Understanding the Concept of "Target Voice" nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Nov 06, 2023

Hey there, it’s Rénee! If you've been following my videos, you might have heard me talk about something called the "target voice." But what does that really mean?

Let's dive into this concept together.

The target voice isn't just a term I throw around—it's a significant idea in...

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Let me prove to you that you can modify your resonance! exercise nonbinary voice resonance voice feminization voice masculinization Nov 03, 2023

Hey there! As a trans voice teacher, I'm on a mission to show you that you have all the tools to love your voice. It's incredible how a simple exercise can demonstrate the power within you. Ready to explore this with me? Let’s dive in.

Take a moment, watch the minute-long video, and repeat...

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My Nonbinary Gender Journey general trans advice life Nov 01, 2023

So I am a 35-year-old non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns. And I want to tell you a little bit about how I got here. This is my gender journey! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about how I went from Assigned Female at Birth to proudly nonbinary for the last ten years.

As far back...

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