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Level up your inflection practice: The Harvard Sentences nonbinary voice sentence contour voice feminization voice masculinization Mar 06, 2023

In my last video, we were talking about masculinizing or feminizing inflection, and you might be wondering, "How do I practice this?"

I usually advise students to start with sentences that they use all the time like "How do you take your coffee?" or "How did you sleep?" or "Has the dog eaten...

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That's unbelieeeevable! (Masculinizing Inflection) exercise sentence contour voice masculinization Mar 02, 2023

When we talk about inflection, we're talking about emphasizing certain words in a sentence to give that sentence meaning. English is a highly inflected language, so sometimes the meaning of a sentence can change when you add emphasis to one word or another. For example, the sentence "I never...

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AcousticGender.Space nonbinary voice pitch voice feminization voice masculinization Feb 27, 2023

If you're working on modifying your voice to better align with your gender presentation, then you are probably already used to using a tuner to track pitch (how high or how low a voice is). A lot of my students report being frustrated that there isn't a way to track the resonance (how bright or...

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Common Daily Phrases exercise nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Feb 24, 2023

If you've been working on your trans voice practice for a little while, maybe you've found a sound you like that you're able to make in short bursts. Maybe you tried the "Big Dog Little Dog" exercise from a few weeks ago and now you're probably wondering, "How do I go from making a sound that I...

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What should you expect to happen to your voice on Testosterone? testosterone voice masculinization Feb 22, 2023

When it comes to the voice changes that you can expect on testosterone, what is a reasonable timeline? I've talked to a lot of different people who have taken testosterone exogenously, and the one thing that I can say for sure is that there is no timeline. Everybody's voice changes at varying...

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Trans Voice Teacher VS Speech Language Pathologist interviews nonbinary voice voice feminization voice masculinization Feb 16, 2023

I recently had the great pleasure of being on the podcast Gender Reveal and host Tuck Woodstock asked me a really important question: "What is the difference between a trans voice teacher and a speech language pathologist?" Here's what I had to say:

"There's not a big difference, to be honest....

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